My Bucket List
1. Graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree (Nov. 16th, 2016)
2. Move-out (March 25th, 2017)
3. Leave/move out of Vancouver (or BC)
4. Learn a language (specifically ASL)
 5. Visit California
6. Get my Class 5 Driver’s License
7. Get married
8.Get a tattoo (Aug. 13th, 2014)
9. Visit India
10. Visit the UK
11. Visit Montreal
12. Go across Canada
13. Have 500 blog followers
14. Meet Eddie Lack
15. Get CHRP certified
16. Work/study abroad
17. Go backpacking in Asia, Europe, or BC
18. Earn my Master’s Degree…?
19. Travel (vacation purpose)… alone (Sept. 29th, 2014)
20. Complete a Live Below the Line challenge
20. Host a Christmas party
21. Get my first HR career job (May 8th, 2017)
22. 22. Reduce my junk food intake
23. Have $10,000 in the bank
24. Have a total of 500 books on my Goodreads “read” list
25. Renovate my house (or at least a room) with my significant other
26. Go skydiving
27. Go bungee jumping
28. Have a last-minute “get out of town” vacation (Sept. 29th, 2014)
29. Take a skill-developing class (eg. cooking)
30. Have my first kid
31. Complete my first home decor DIY
32. Get another piercing (April 10th, 2017)
32. Get rid of my hypertrophic scar from my cartilage piercing
33. Get rid of the mole behind my thigh…?
34. Finish a horror movie without covering my eyes and/or hiding (October 26th, 2014; Child’s Play)
35. Go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando
36. Tour the Harry Potter film set in England
37. Go to a Six Flags theme park
38. Donate blood (Dec. 8th, 2016)
39. Ride in a hot air balloon
40. Pay off all my credit card debts
41. Pay off my student loans
42. Purchase my first car
43. Ride the Amtrak train (October 19th, 2014)
44. Adopt a (medium-large size) dog
45. Adopt a child
46. Complete two “life-changing” challenges

47. Adapt a minimalism lifestyle
48. Reduce (and/or cut out) pop/soda in my diet
49. Visit a place (not on my to-travel list) that I’ve never been to before
(August 17th, 2015; Anchorage, Alaska)
50. Kiss a girl (October 17th, 2015)
51. Meet the Vancouver Canucks
52. Learn a new instrument
53. Purchase my first home
54. Meet the Las Vegas Golden Knights
55. Earn a certificate/degree in Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing