Hi! My name is (Jessica) Claire, and I was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I’m a 20-something years old photographer and Human Resources (wannabe) Professional. If I’m not blogging or working, you can find me either at the gym, around town eating sushi, binge-watching Netflix, hanging out with my friends, reading, or find me on the other side of the Pacific ocean.

Some passions and interests of mine includes reading, history, rain, travelling, fitness, photography, writing, The Sims, and cultural museums.

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Dan is my boyfriend. You can find him here and there when he makes an appearance on the blog. Read about how we met over here!
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I’ve been blogging for about ~13 years. I started off with MSN Space (high five if you remember that!) and gradually moved towards Xanga, LiveJournal, Blogger, WordPress and now I’m back on Blogger. I used to blog about my life but gradually, I’ve expanded towards lifestyle, personal opinions, reviews, beauty, fashion, etc.

October Rain was named after my birth month and my favourite weather.

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5 Random Facts:
  1. I have small feet. My size is actually size 2 kids. I can’t fit into Women’s size 5.
  2. My love for WWII began in the 3rd grade when I found a book about the Holocaust.
  3. My parents wanted to name me either Vivian or Jennifer. Jessica was a last minute decision.
  4. I can rap the entire song of Look at Me Now by Chris Brown.
  5. I love watching the laundry cycle (when there’s a front-load washing machine). I can honestly sit there for an hour or so watching the cycle.
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Keep in touch with me via Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, e-mail or good ol’ comments!
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