In most cases, the decision to start a business from home is made primarily due to necessity. Home-based businesses are inherently flexible, offering the opportunity to keep costs low while still building a company that can thrive in the future.

If your home-based business has proven to be profitable, however, it’s worth considering the next step. Some home-based business owners prefer to retain the ability to work from home, and their business lends itself to this kind of arrangement.

On the other hand, some businesses don’t particularly lend themselves to remaining based in the entrepreneur’s home: for example, businesses that require high levels of stock can quickly crowd out a family’s living space. It’s also worth noting that running a business from home can have significant disadvantages, and now your business has proven to be viable, you may want to consider moving the company into its own space.


Even if you have grown tired of working from home, or are well aware that your business could benefit from its own premises, the decision to actually move out is one that doesn’t come easy. There’s a familiarity and comfort to running a business from home, and the flexibility it offers you in terms of your lifestyle can be difficult to part with.

Ultimately, the decision becomes one of head versus heart. You can know, intellectually, that your business is ready to move into its own space; you can even want to stop working at home… but you still hesitate due to concerns and anxiety about such a huge change. As a result, you hover, wondering which route to follow.

Is there a right answer to this conundrum?

Realistically… no.

It would be easy to say that, if it makes sense for your business to move out of your home and you like the idea of doing so, you should go for it. Unfortunately, this kind of black or white thinking rarely produces positive results, and forcing yourself – despite ‘heart’ concerns such as anxiety – to move out before you’re ready could be genuinely disastrous.

So, let’s simplify:

  • If your business is profitable and you are entirely comfortable with the idea of no longer running it from home, then your business is ready to move into its own premises.
  • However, even if your business is profitable and you can see that moving out would be beneficial, you don’t have to move out until you’re 100 percent ready.

Is there any way to help yourself become 100 percent ready?

The issue that you are likely facing if you are hesitant about moving your business out of your home is a fear of the unknown. The move from home-based business to full-time premises is a big one, and no entrepreneur knows exactly how it will play out should they make this leap.

If you’re hesitating, then use the time to research everything about moving into dedicated business premises. You can view properties, talk to a commercial real estate lawyer about purchasing options, and even talk to business owners who have made the move themselves to see if they have any advice. Ultimately, knowledge is the best way to overcome your hesitation; after all, you needn’t fear the unknown if you ensure that very little about the idea is actually unknown.

In conclusion

The decision to move your home-based business into its own premises is incredibly difficult, so don’t force yourself to make the jump before you are ready. Instead, take your time, do your research, and wait until you feel certain that such a step is the right one for you.


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