Working in uncomfortable temperatures is something that can hugely affect productivity and employee happiness. Even just a few degrees too warm or too cool can make all the difference. Being too hot can cause all kinds of problems, and is something that needs to be combatted as much as possible. Here are some useful ideas on hot to keep cool at work.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is possibly the very first thing anyone would think of when it comes to working out how to keep cool at work. Having this set at the right temperature can certainly keep everyone working well and feeling a lot more comfortable, but be careful about what setting it is left on. If it is too high, then the room will be far too cold, and that can be just as problematic as being too hot!

As well as this, everyone can tolerate different levels of heat and cold, and that means you may not be able to please everyone by using the air conditioning. If employees are still complaining about the temperature, then the air conditioning may need to be switched for individual fans, for example. It will depend on how your office is laid out.


If the temperature is high, and you are doing your best to deal with it, but employees are still hot, don’t forget to remind them to drink enough. Staying hydrated in hot weather will make them feel a lot more comfortable, and it will keep their brains functioning at a high level. It is a good idea to offer free water to employees if you can. Not only will this keep them hydrated and working well, but it will show them that you are a caring employer and boost job satisfaction levels too.

Cool Computers

Have you ever noticed how hot your office is, even on days that are just warm or even cool outside? It could be down to your computer equipment. When left on and used for extended periods of time, computers and other machines can easily heat up, making the area around them hot too. Secure Data Recovery Services has some useful tips for keeping your computer cool and making your employees much more comfortable. Plus it will prolong the life of your equipment and save you money.

Flexible House

Something else that might help employees feel cooler in the office is introducing more flexible working hours. Not every business is able to do this, but if you can, then it can help because it will enable employees to work earlier in the morning or later in the evening when the sun is not so hot, and have time away from the office when it is at its height.

Alternatively, you could offer early finishes on a Friday or even work from home options for when the weather will make a commute a bad way to start or end the day. There are many different options thanks to technology that means employees should never have to feel unhappy in their working environment.


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