If you have friend’s birthday coming up, and would like to make it memorable, you will need to stay away from the chocolate and sock department. Create a day out or a special personalized gift that will make them remember how caring and thoughtful you were on the day. In case you are stuck with ideas, check out the below ideas to give you some inspiration for the special event.

Something for Their Home

If your friend just moved into their first home, you might want to surprise them with a special canvas of the best moments together. Alternatively, you might ask a local company to design a special personal friendship plaque that will look great on their wall and make them remember the times you spent together and the things you’ve been through. This will help them feel more at home in the new house and personalize their space.

Personalized Jewelry

It can also be a good idea to order a special name necklace or other personalized jewelry that they will love and wear every day. Instead of simply walking into the store and choosing a standard design, pay attention to the special details that will make the item truly theirs. Add a quote, their name, or simply friendship, and make it easy for them to wear. If you get a pendant and they already have a necklace, they are more likely to wear what they get for their special day.

Days Out

Sometimes, experiences are the best way to celebrate special days and friendship. You will already know what they are interested in and what they enjoy doing, so all you have to do is find a place where they can engage in their favorite activity. This can be a day out horse riding, a day-long go karting session, or even a supercar driving experience. You might go to a zoo to see their favorite animal or the safari park to have a picnic outside.

Theater Tickets

You know their taste and interest, so if you would like to have a nice dinner and some entertainment on the night, you could surprise them with some theater tickets. Everyone loves dressing up smart on their birthday, and planning a night out is a best way to express your appreciation to your friend.

Skills Training

Chances are that your friend always wanted to improve their skills, just never found the time and money to do so. You can sign them up for an advanced golf training course, or a sport club membership. If they are interested in cooking or crafts, you can get them a membership to a local club where they can improve their skills and meet like minded people.

Special friends in your life deserve a special present for their big day. Think about what they enjoy doing and make sure that they are free on the day you are planning the surprise. The more personal your gift is the more they will appreciate your care and thought.


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