Some cities were made for the three-day weekend. Nothing beats being able to get a decent feel for a place in such a short space of time. This is the perfect way to leave yourself craving more without exhausting every avenue. And, it’s a cheap way to a vacation you’ll remember.

Of course, some places are better than most. London and Paris are pretty good bets, as is Amsterdam. And, it’s the latter of these we’re going to look at here. The capital of the Netherlands is a hotspot for tourists from across the world. Its bike-based culture and laid back lifestyle mean you’re sure to feel chilled out after the shortest stay here.

That’s where the three-day weekend comes into things. With proper planning and time management, it’s entirely possible to see all the hotspots of a destination in this short space of time. And, to help you do it, we’ve put together a little day-by-day travel guide to ensure you can get around. Keep this handy so that3 you don’t miss out on anything you want to see.


Friday is your first day, so this is the time you want to do the most strenuous activities. You’re fresh off the plane and ready to rumble, and this is the ideal time to get stuck into bicycles and museums. First stop should, of course, be bike hire. This city is famed for its biking culture, and a trip here wouldn’t be complete without participation. What’s more, this is an easy way to reach near enough anywhere in the city during your stay. So, it’s a step well worth taking. With your bike in hand, it’s time to hit those iconic museums. Amsterdam has a whole host of these babies to keep your brain ticking over during your stay. And, given that you’re freshest on Friday, it’s essential they come first. All the better for absorbing all those facts! Popular options include Anne Frank’s home and the Van Gogh museum. Hitting these on Friday should go some way towards helping you avoid the crowds. And these are by no means your only options. You should also look into the Nemo Science Museum and of course, the sex museum Venustempel. Booking ahead and limiting how long you spend in each should ensure that you can see at least a few on that first day. It’s hard to imagine a better way to start your trip!


As is the case in any city, Saturdays can pretty busy in Amsterdam. Hence why this is the ideal time to escape the hustle and bustle. A fantastic option here would be to take your rental bike and make the most of the city’s many bike paths. This could take you right into rural Amsterdam, where you couldn’t be further from the hordes of people. Or, you may want to stick to hidden gems which attract less attention. Few people realise, for instance, that an original Picasso is hiding in Vondelpark. Other parks, such as De Hortus, are sure to feel like a breath of calm in an otherwise manic setting. You could also head to the hidden goat farm, Geitenboerderij Riddammerhoeve, to take time out with the animals. There are plenty of quieter areas like these dotted around the city. All you need to do is research ahead of time so that you can find them with ease during your stay. The further out of the center your explorations take you, the better chance you have of relaxing.


Sunday is the day of rest, so what better time to stay in the center for coffee shops and good food? Let’s be honest; no stay in Amsterdam would be complete without at least a few visitations to the iconic coffee shops. These alone have people flocking from all over the world. And, whether you take part or not, they’re a fascinating sight to see. It may be that you just want to order a coffee and watch other people with the funky stuff, and that’s fine. But, this is still an excellent way to spend a Sunday. After all, a lot of effort has gone into these tourist-heavy attractions. Barney’s Coffeeshop, for instance, takes up the first floor of a 16th-century building. Green House United has a large aquarium in its floor. The Bulldog The First is even home to memorabilia about the coffee shop culture. It’s hard to imagine a better way to spend your last day in such a unique destination.


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