If you have ever wanted to live abroad, rather than only experience the joys of foreign climes through the occasional vacation, then the way is open for you to do so. We gave you some advice on our website, http://octoberrain.co/you-want-to-move-overseas/ so give our article a read. But know this! It isn’t all plain sailing (literally, if you are going by boat), and there are some pros and cons you need to consider. You see, while you may regret coming home after a vacation, living abroad isn’t all sunshine and rainbows (probably).


The Pros Of Living Abroad

The world is your oyster. There is much to explore beyond your own backyard, so the only question on your lips should be: Where do I go? You might purchase a property in Indonesia – examples here, https://rumahdijual.com/depok/ – one of the most spectacular countries in the world, with its wondrous beaches and vibrant culture. Or you might want to settle down in Paris, with its laid-back vibes and artistic temperaments. Or you may want to travel the world, living the life of a travelling vagabond, free to move around as you please. The choice is yours.

It’s an incredible teaching experience. No matter where you live, you will learn more about the world than you do at present. Taking time to explore the culture, you will increase your knowledge of your chosen destination’s heritage, religious sensibilities, and way of life, much of it being different to what you have become accustomed to at home. Visit the museums, take tours, talk to the locals, live the life, and become part of a place that will vastly expand your worldview.

You will grow as a person. You won’t only learn more about the place you are settling in, as you will also discover more about yourself in the process. No matter how prepared you are, you will face challenges that may seem scary or impossible, but will ultimately enable you to grow as you overcome them. From tasting new foods to learning new customs, you will be out of your comfort zone, but that can only be a good thing. How else do we grow if we don’t push ourselves into doing something that causes us to think and react beyond our usual limits?

The experiences are many. You will explore new regions, see new sights, and take part in activities that may not have been possible in your home country. You will meet new people, make new friends, and develop connections that could boost your life and career. You will eat new foods, experience fresh smells, and possibly live a different lifestyle to what you have become accustomed to. If ever you wanted to broaden your horizons, then moving abroad is the best way to do it, as it will change your life in so many ways. Having made the move, you may never want to return to your home, with the familiarity and stresses that are part and parcel of where you used to live.

The Cons Of Living Abroad

You may become homesick. While you may be glad to get away from your hometown, there are some things you will miss. Family and friends are a biggie, and if you are leaving them behind, you are going to go through a grieving process. Facetime and Skype are poor substitutes for an arm around the shoulder when you need support, or a laugh and a giggle on the sofa with your besties. You may also miss your old way of life. The foods you enjoyed at home may not be readily available in your new destination. You may not be able to access your favourite tv shows, although the advice here, https://www.popsci.com/watch-foreign-tv-at-home, may be useful. Being a stranger in a strange land, you will yearn for familiarity, especially at first, and while life will get easier, you do need to be prepared for a little sadness at the beginning.

You will experience culture shock. Becoming accustomed to a new culture is not easy. The food may not be what you are used to at home, the people may not speak the same language as you, and the lifestyle may be completely alien to anything you have previously been used to. You will adapt in time, but you need to be prepared for a cultural shock to the system. And while you may decide to bring your cultural sensibilities with you, know that you may wind up in trouble if you break the laws of the country you are in. Take a look at these laws, for example;

https://www.cosmopolitan.com//illegal-activity-behaviour-that-could-get-you-arrested, as you may end up in serious trouble with the police if you break them. Our advice: find out as much as you can about the country before you pack your bags, and once there, immerse yourself in the culture as much as possible to alleviate your culture shock.

You are the new kid on the block. Did you ever go to a school or college where you knew nobody else? Did you get lost trying to find the classroom? Did you make an embarrassing faux pas by putting your hand up at an inappropriate moment? Imagine those feelings but on a much grander scale. Unless you have moved abroad with family and friends, you are going to know nobody. You are going to get lost regularly. And if you are moving to any of the countries here, http://guyanachronicle.com/cultural-dos-and-taboos-manners, you may embarrass yourself by falling foul of the social graces found within the article. You will get used to the way of life eventually, and you will stop getting lost after a while. You will make friends, and you will escape the ‘new kid’ syndrome, but it will take a few months (at least) before you fully feel a part of the place you are living in.

And so…

After weighing up the pros and cons, what do you think? Is a life abroad for you? The experience could be fantastic, but you do need to be prepared for all of the expected downsides. Let us know what you think, and if you have already made the move, share your experiences, for good and bad, with us. Thanks for reading!


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