Most people lead lavish lifestyles these days, and so significant expenses are becoming more commonplace. However, there are certain milestones that are generally considered as the most significant financial expenditures we will all face at some point. The information below should highlight these events and help you to prepare for them.

Paying for your education

A university education costs a lot of money these days, and it is usually the first major expense people face in their lives. It would be nice if all parents managed to build a college fund to pay for the classes, but that doesn’t happen too often in the modern world, and so students usually have to get jobs to pay for their courses, and they also tend to leave with lots of debt.

Buying your first car

While you might not spend a fortune on your first car because new drivers are more likely to become involved in collisions; you’ll still have to spend a reasonable amount when you consider the cost of the automobile, the insurance, and the road tax.

Getting your first mortgage

As the infographic at the bottom of this page shows, there are lots of different options on the table when it comes to getting a mortgage and buying your first home. That is by far the most considerable expense anyone faces during their life, and most people have to save for at least five years to afford their deposit.

Now you know about some of the biggest expenses you can expect to encounter during your life; you can start putting plans in place that will ensure you find those situations plain sailing. Enjoy!

Infographic by FHA Home Loans


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