There are lots of health symptoms that women might feel that they have to put up with. Certain indicators might make us feel like they’re normal or not a big deal, or that nothing can be done about them. Even doctors sometimes brush us off when we come to them with problems. But there are plenty of symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore, and that you should even push your doctor to address if you feel that they’re not listening. Here are some of the top symptoms that you shouldn’t just put up with if you want to make sure you’re healthy.

Irregular or Missing Periods

An irregular menstrual cycle isn’t particularly uncommon. It’s something that many women experience and your cycle can be affected by many things, from stress to birth control. Some people have never had a regular period, which could be normal for them. However, irregular or absent periods could indicate a number of causes for concern. Some of the health issues associated with it include polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), thyroid disorders and even tumors. If you’re worried, it’s better to get it checked out than to try and ignore it or tell yourself that it’s normal.

Feeling Bloated All the Time

Everyone feels bloated sometimes. You’re on your period, you’ve just eaten way too much ice cream, or you’re just having a bloated day. But if the feeling of being bloated doesn’t go away and doesn’t seem to be connected to anything, in particular, it could be a cause for concern. A constant bloated feeling could be a sign of ovarian cancer, which causes fluid buildup and can cause you to feel bloated. Ovarian cancer is rare in women under 40, but it’s still worth being cautious. An ovarian cyst can also make you feel bloated or cause abdominal swelling.

Overactive Bladder

Suddenly needing to go to the toilet isn’t fun, but an overactive bladder could affect more than 40% of women. There’s no known cause, but it’s linked to several other conditions, such as diabetes, UTIs, and simply getting older. If you’re dealing with the sudden urge to urinate, don’t just ignore it. Look online for the best urologist near me and see someone about your problem. There could be an underlying condition that you need to deal with, or you can discover ways to manage your symptoms, even by changing your lifestyle and behavior.

Thinning Hair or Extra Hair Growth

Hair is often a big issue for women, partly because it’s so closely linked with femininity. It feels like someone is always saying that you have too much hair or don’t have enough of it. It can feel embarrassing if your hair starts to thin or if your body hair starts growing thicker. But both of these issues could be caused by underlying issues, such as thyroid problems or hormonal imbalances. Vitamin deficiencies and stress could also cause hair loss.

If you feel like something is wrong, don’t brush it off, even if others tell you it’s normal. Sometimes it pays to follow your instincts.



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