Traveling. It’s the goal for most people to achieve at least once in their lives, whether it’s in the form of several vacations, or a round the world trip that takes their breath away. Traveling isn’t limited to season or month, and your vacation time is yours to do with what you wish. What you should be doing, however, is planning vacations that are perfect for your tastes and bucket list wishes, while at the same time saving you as much money as possible.

The one big problem about traveling is the cost. No matter who you ask in your life, if anyone has that taste for flying across the world, that wanderlust that always brings them back to their last beach picture on their Google history, they will tell you that they can’t go anywhere because they can’t afford it. For a lot of people already living on a very tight budget, this is not going to be far from the truth. However, for those who are able to have some kind of cash surplus every month, traveling wherever they want to go is absolutely within reach; they just need to get smart about how they pay for it. A shortage of funds doesn’t put the kibosh on summer beach vacation plans or winter skiing dreams. Traveling when you can’t quite afford to? Well, that often sucks and doesn’t work out as the relaxing time that you’ve always imagined traveling the world to be. You may have managed the flights and some accommodation, but if you haven’t got the budget for the daily costs and the car hire or decent spending money, you could find your vacation a stressful one.

There are plenty of people that manage a thrifty vacation on a shoestring of a budget, but that’s not for everyone out there. The good news, though, is that you don’t have to wait around for years of saving to make your vacation dreams come true. Valuing travel is a no-brainer for a lot of people and learning how to budget for it is going to take a little time, especially when it’s always more fun to buy something for an immediate purchase that makes you happy – such as a night out or that new dress you fell in love with. However, plenty of people in the world have managed to master the art of a travel budget, and you can save money from the moment you start thinking about the trip that you want to take. These seven tips can give you everything you need to know to be that smart and savvy traveller that you always wished you could be.

Harness Technology.

We are in a digital age that is ever-evolving and expanding at an exponential rate. Taking a moment to sift through your app store or android store for the plethora of money saving apps out there can really open your eyes to the very many solutions that are out there for you to save with. You can use these apps to skim money off the top of your budget, allowing you the chance to save a few dollars and cents at a time. It may not sound like much, but if you’re lopping $20 off the top of your bank account every Friday, over the course of a year you’ve saved over $1000 dollars. That’s a huge dent in your travel budget if you want to go somewhere within the country! It’s totally out of sight, out of mind, too, which means that you won’t see much money missing from your account at any one time.

Actively Save.

You don’t have to add a lot to your savings account but adding $50 a month of your disposable income will add up over time. You will have added to the money already being skimmed off the top with your technology harnessing from earlier. This can mean that you could afford a few extra luxuries that may not have been in your budget before, such as the airport parking you couldn’t have afforded previously. Everyone knows how pricey that can be, so most people choose not to travel to the airport themselves and prefer a taxi service. However, with an airport parking guide like this one, you can learn about how to get the best rates for your vacation parking. Actively saving that money every month can allow you to save for stuff like this, which can make a huge difference to the quality of your vacation.

Borrow, Not Buy.

Luggage is pricey, as are international outlet converters. That vacation shopping trip you love to take to stock up on new clothes, new cases and all the airplane additions that you would normally buy is a fun one to take, but if your budget is saying no, then look to your friends. It’s hardly likely that everyone you know will be off on their vacation at the same time, which means that you can borrow suitcases, nab neck pillows and even don their dresses for the beach. You may only go on vacation once every couple of years, so there’s no need to spend all your cash on new things that you can borrow for free. Don’t forget to wash everything before you give it back; the better the condition, the more likely you’ll be to be able to borrow again for the next trip that you save for!

Save A Latte.

Buying a refillable coffee mug can mean that your $5 a day coffee habit gets changed over, with that money being saved, instead. Eating out is a pleasure, sure, but if you make the change to eat out less at home, you can embrace eating out more on vacation. Everyone loves to eat out in new restaurants and cafés when they go somewhere new, and the novelty is that you’re not cooking for a change. The whole idea of a vacation is to relax, and that’s exactly what saving your lattes allows you to do. You can choose to extend this to pretty much anything that you spend out on regularly but making savings at home is going to make your expenses expand for your vacation.

Side Hustle That Cash!

If you’ve got a hobby that you currently indulge in, look at selling your wares. Crocheting blankets for new babies is a hit on Etsy, for example, so learn to do that and then sell on the side. Not only do you get a relaxing hobby that can earn you a second income, but you have a second revenue stream to feed your travel bank accounts. There’s no need to work yourself to the bone, either, because everyone knows that homemade wares are always valued higher given the work that gets put into it. So, find a niche you enjoy and make it work for you to have another income stream. The good bit about this is that you’re not limited in any way. You could choose to have more than one side hustle, and thus more than one revenue stream at a time; the sky is truly the limit.

Credit Card Perks Galore.

You may not use your credit card much, but it’s time. If your credit card provider offers you mileage as a perk, then the more you use and pay off your card, the more miles you’re going to clock up. Some places offer you a mile for every dollar you spend, and so if you aim to spend $200 a month on your credit card and pay it off on time, you’ll add up 200 miles per month. A domestic flight often goes for just under 18,000 miles, so it’ll take a little time to build but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done.

Prioritise Travel.

The only true way that you’re going to make room for your wanderlust in your budget, is if it’s what you actually prioritise. It’s all well and good to say out loud that you want to visit the furthest reaches of Thailand, or see the sphinx in Egypt, but you’ll never get there if you keep putting those nights out or tech upgrades in the forefront of your budget instead of travel. Experiences are what give you the memories that last a lifetime, and if you put traveling to the top of your wish list, then traveling is what you will do. You can sell some of the clothes and material things that you have laying around your wardrobe and add the cash to your travel account. One you make something important to you, you can find it easier to achieve it.

Your wishes and your bucket list are yours to control. The better you save, the more places you can tick off and visit. The vacations

that you have as in your life are going to be lifetime breaks that make memories you can always look back on. Be smart, be savvy and save well – you won’t regret it.