Traveling is often a passion for many people, but while you get to see some amazing places, there are often drawbacks you do need to consider. Sometimes you may find that you struggle with jet lag. It often hits you especially when traveling to a new time zone and traveling with little or no sleep. The fatigue can get too much, and you run the risk of missing out on that first few days of your holiday away. However, don’t let it get you down. I wanted to share with you some of the tips to help you overcome jet lag.

Start preparation at home

Jet lag tends to affect you a little more if you are traveling east. This is because the change in time zone means that your body feels like your day is shorter than getting longer when you travel west. A good idea if you are traveling east is to perhaps a few days earlier, start going to bed a little earlier and preparing your body for the change in time zone. This means that you are less likely to struggle as your body is a little more prepared for the change in time.

Set your watch to the new time zone

When you get on the plane a great idea is to set your watch to the new time zone, especially if you do have a hefty plane journey to endure. This means that you can start to prepare your body on the journey abroad which will help you to become more accustomed for when you land, depending on what time that may be.

Think of your oxygen levels and self care options

Jet lag effectively is fatigue and tiredness due to a change in the time zone and time of the day your body thinks it is. This could be resolved by you taking care of yourself, so for example you could improve your oxygen levels and websites like could be beneficial. Other self care options could include drinking more water and avoiding drinking alcohol and eating too much food, which can leave you feeling full and bloated only to encourage those fatigue feelings.

Adjust yourself to the time zone of the destination straight away

When you arrive, it is so easy to fall into the trap of giving into your tired feelings, however, when you do arrive try and get yourself adjusted to the timezone straight away. It’s tempting to go straight to bed, no matter what the time is, but you should seize the day and try and muscle on through. It helps you to get back on track with your day and start enjoying your holiday straight away. Websites like could help you get on track.

Step into the daylight and make the most of natural light

Finally, natural light and vitamin D can be so good for you, and can be a great way to beat the blues of jet lag. Getting outside in the fresh air and feeling the sun on your skin or just generally enjoying the day light can help to avoid you feel fatigued.

I hope these tips help you to overcome the perils of jet lag on your next holiday away.


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