Nashville is known for so many things. The NFL football team has a huge following, even from people who aren’t born or live in the city. The multicolored waterfront and winding Cumberland River makes for one of the best night scenes in Tennessee. Certain parts look like they belong in Las Vegas because the neons signs of the country music concert halls, cafes, bars and comedy clubs dazzle brightly in the night. Fortune 500 companies like Nissan North America and Bridgestone have their headquarters in the heart of the city’s commercial district. And who could not love a bit of Nashville barbecue and traditional American cuisine? Although on the map Tennessee looks like it’s a typical mid-east state, make no bones about it; it’s firmly a southern state. Just ask the locals a few questions about their city and culture and you’ll never mistake them for being northerners. But of the two things you could do in the city, hiding behind corners and taking pop shots and then listening to some good old-fashioned country music is perhaps the most entertaining.

Beaming into the future

Nashville is a city that knows its love of guns and the 2nd amendment. It comes as no surprise then that there are activities that center around tactics and playing the role of a fighter. But what if you could be beamed to the future? In almost every sci-fi movie, the modern weapons of the day are laser beams that can cut through sheets of metal like a hot knife through butter. Nashtag laser tag brings this imaginary concept to life with weapons that do fire lasers. These aren’t the types that could shoot your arm off, it’s purely a game of two teams trying to either destroy the enemy team or complete a mission full of objectives. The classic modes appear as capture the flag and free for all are the most popular. Then you have other modes like traitor, pair base, resurrection revival and more. Packed in a room, you have to fight for survival and trust your teammates to watch your back at all times. A fun tactical experience that may show you how bad or good you would be in a futuristic battle.

Sweet tones

Nashville has produced some of the most famous country music singers of all time; such as Bob Randall. The Ryman Auditorium has over 3,000 Google reviews and averages out a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. It’s the place that all country music stars from around the state and indeed the nation wants to play in. there are daily tours that you can climb aboard on and see the venue from angles that normal ticket-paying concert-goers just wouldn’t be able to. You may even catch a concert on the same day if you plan it right. It seats around 2,300 people and in the modern age, lots of new country artists appear regularly.

We all hope that we get to see some kind of laser weapon in our lifetime. The best you can do right now is to test your skills with harmless weapons designed for competitive team play instead. Winding down at the end of the day, a nice country music song can play out the night.


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