This article offers five of the best road trips to take this summer in the USA.

Now, the first step, is to choose your vehicle, as this will make all the difference.  If you’re driving around in an old banger then your journey isn’t going to be one of freedom and lightheartedness – it’ll be stress and tension, wondering what that noise is, or when you’re next going to break down.

It’s therefore worth considering a visit to Auto.Loan and finding the perfect car, not just for your trip, but for your life.  There’s also the idea of renting a vehicle specifically, which can make sense, particularly if you’re journey is faraway from where you live… because it’s often better to fly to the starting point, than have to sit on the freeway for hours on end just to get to where your trip starts.

Also, there’s nothing to say your vehicle has to have 4 wheels.  Again, if you are thinking about going on a motorbike tour, one good option is to have your motorbike shipped to the starting point in advance, and then getting a flight to the start point.  We all have limited time, and you don’t want to waste your vacation driving down boring freeways just to get to the start point of your adventure.

Whether you’re opting for a two or four wheeled adventure, here’s five of the best options for taking a road trip in the USA this summer.


The best time to take this drive, by far, is in the summer months as your trip will be soaked in sun with optimal daylight hours.  Indeed, this trip is the perfect trip for a convertible as you get bronzed along the route that hugs the Pacific coast.

The route starts in San Diego and leads through Los Angeles, Long Beach, Malibu, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Big Sur, and San Francisco.  This route is a 745 mile journey that hugs the exceptional coastline of the west.


The US 1 from Miami to Key West is a 150 mile drive that is mostly right next to the ocean; takes in a number of the keys (little islands) that are sandwiched between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.


From Route 17 in Phoenix you can visit Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon, and the cowboy movie landscapes of the Arizona/Utah border.  Then, as you progress to Route 191 you’ll enter Winslow using Route 66.


If you want to travel coast to coast then Route 20 is known for being the longest road in the USA covering a distance of 3,365 miles from Newport (Oregon) to Boston (Massachusetts).

The route is fast and easy to drive; meaning you should be able to cover it in two to three weeks, however, it shouldn’t be a race, and you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of time to stop off along the way.


Perhaps the most famous road trip in the world, Route 66 ends in California, bridging the distance between Chicago to Santa Monica.


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