If you’re one of the many people who love travelling to new destinations, then you’ve probably thought from time to time about moving overseas. By packing up and setting up camp in a new country, you’ll have the opportunity to see a different culture not as a tourist, but as an insider. You’ll grow in new ways, discover new ways of being, and all-around go on a journey with unbound possibilities. All sounds good, but how do you actually make this happen? We take a look at some methods below.

A Temporary Stay

It’s no small feat, moving overseas. It’s a big commitment, one that requires planning and plenty of courage. If you’re young, then the courage to make this happen might be just beyond you. Luckily, there are ways to sample all the delights of living abroad in a relatively risk-free way. If you’re a student – or are thinking about becoming a student – then take a look to see if your university offers any opportunities to study abroad. It’ll be a chance to soak up all that’s great about living overseas without taking too much of a chance.

Moving With a Company

It’s an increasingly small world, and with legislation drafted in the past few years that permit cross-border partnerships, there are more opportunities than ever before to look for work overseas. If you’re already working in a large company, then it may be worthwhile asking about internal opportunities that are based overseas. This has several benefits. First, you’ll be working for a company you already know. Second, they’ll be able to help you move. And third, you’ll be boosting your experience, in the process making yourself more valuable to the business.

Into Retirement

You don’t just have to be a student or career-minded person to work overseas. Indeed, one of the best times to move abroad overseas is when you’ve finished working. If you’ve been saving money during your career, then take a look at getting citizenship by investment; this involves investing a set amount of money into the country to which you want to emigrate. The good news with taking this type of route is that it’s usually much more straightforward and speedy than the other processes mentioned in this article.

Get a Location Independent Job

The working world has changed a great deal in the past couple of decades, especially since the internet has become a major force in the world. As such, there are now many location independent jobs, which can be completed solely online. If you have one of these jobs, then look at a country that grants visas to people who have this type of work. You’ll have to pay taxes and so on, but the visa should be relatively easy to get if you can prove that you’re making enough money to support yourself.

Fall in Love

Finally, don’t forget the old, classic method: falling in love! Marriage is the easiest way to get a visa in a new country, especially those difficult to access, such as the UK and the USA.


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