Going to New York itself is a fantastic way to kick off date night. Still, once you get there you need to have some activities planned. What’s the point in being in one of the most romantic cities on the planet if you don’t take advantage? Exactly – there isn’t one!

Going to a foreign place and trying to cook up some romance isn’t straightforward. There is too much to choose one, plus you don’t know the area so it may turn into a nightmare and not the date night you imagined.

Thankfully, this post has got your back with four intimate examples for loved-up couples.

Watch A Show

Date nights are best when they are new and fresh. Going to the same restaurant always negates the point of the date in the first place. You’re doing it to stop the relationship from going stale yet you’re not taking any risks. Well, a vacation is a perfect opportunity to try new things because the city buzz makes you feel adventurous. And, it doesn’t get any better than the award-winning show Sleep No More at the Mckittrick Hotel. Just don a mask and play-pretend while the drama of the event floods your sense. Is it getting hot in here?!

Go For A Walk

The most basic of date nights are always a great way to connect and bond. Even at home, there is nothing as special as time alone in a secluded area. No, not in that way. Get your mind out of the gutter, people! New York adds an extra element to a romantic stroll because of the surroundings. It isn’t often that you get to breeze over Brooklyn Bridge at night gazing at the stars and the streetlights. Or, you can walk to the top of the Empire State with help from an elevator or two.

Picnic In The Park

Central Park is 3.41km squared which is bigger than the Vatican City and Monaco. Yep, it’s the size of a country in a sprawling megalopolis of skyscrapers and yellow taxi cabs. And, the size of the park plays to your advantage because it means there are quiet spots away from the clicking of cameras. All you need to do is find a secluded area, roll out the blanket and pop the champagne. Kissing and cuddling in CP is a time-honored tradition which has stood many a couple in great stead. To go one step further, hire a boat and row the lake.

Stay In

Let’s not pretend that intimate times aren’t on the agenda. A vacation is a sexy time and it manifests itself in the obvious ways. We’re talking about sex. Sometimes, staying in bed all day and night is the best tonic on vacation. New York is enormous and exhausting, so it’s nice to take a day off and “bond.” Throw on a movie, order food and talk the night away, among other things, while enjoying the comfort of the bed.

Can you think of any more romantic ways to spend a vacation?


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