The advances in technology of recent years mean it’s easier to have a successful business online than ever, and that includes making money from your music. There are many different ways to get your music known, and one that should never be ignored is social media.

Facebook alone has more than 2billion registered users, and that’s without Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and various others. A video of your music on any of these sites could mean you are seen by many thousands of viewers. This is not the only way to get known though. If you want to get enough followers to be able to sell your music or monetize your videos with advertising, you need to be seen by as many users as possible.

Gather Fans

Your most valuable asset will be your fans. This is a big advantage of social media. You can interact with people and as soon as you start to do that, your music will become more personal to them. No amount of marketing can replace a fan/artist relationship.

The digital era has made the distribution of music available to all musicians’, not just those that have been signed by a record label. When you have established a fan base, they will be looking for your music in places like iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and all the other platforms you can download your favorites pieces from, it is even possible to get free soundcloud plays is you know where to look. Putting your music on these platforms will help enormously, as when they want to download a playlist, your music can be part of it. You will earn royalties from these platforms, and although they are not huge amounts, the more downloads there are the more you will earn.

YouTube Videos

More music is streamed from YouTube than any other platform, so putting your music videos on there is vital if you want success. Getting enough viewers and downloads is the secret because then you can charge for adverts in your video. This is always hardest with the first video you upload, but as your music becomes better known, so it becomes easier to get the views and downloads you need to make extra money from advertising.

YouTube make the process of earning money very easy with the use of their user-friendly tool Content ID. This tracks exactly what is happening with your video and apart from giving you statistics, will help you to run the adverts you need.

Be Creative

You need to be creative when it comes to getting your music known. Why should people stop and look at it on Facebook? Will it make them want to find it on iTunes or YouTube? You have used creativity to make the music to start with, now you need to use more to make it stand out so that users of all these platforms not only want it for themselves but share it with their ‘friends and family’. That is the fastest way for your musical talents to become known and for you to start making money from your music online.


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