Life is meant to be exciting, thrilling, new, fresh and full of romance. It’s meant to be an adventure where every time you open your eyes after a deep slumber your belly starts flapping around with butterflies once again, and nothing does this with quite as much pizzazz as a couples vacation. It’s escaping the humdrum of normal life and jetting off to some faraway place on either one of your bucket lists, your eyes open to a new world, your brain storing these memories in a place where they will never be forgotten and your relationship brought closer than two big peas in a very small pod. That’s what romance should look like.

So, without further ado, here is a list of the most amazing vacation spots every couple should add to their to-wanderlust list:

  1. Roadtripping The California Coast

There is nowhere on earth more celebrated than the coast of California. It’s a paradise that’s become etched into beatific history thanks to the romance of poets, from Dylan to Kerouac, a place that’s full of treasure troves just waiting to be discovered. It could be a California winery that you stumble upon or beach cabin you rent on a whim. It could be checking into a boutique hotel in Big Sur or kayaking in a forgotten lake. This place will make memories you’ll want to print out the moment you get home.

  1. Slip Into Island Life In Kauai

The reason couples want to jet off together is to find a place of solitude, where they can be themselves with one another, no distractions except for the faraway cultures and breath-stopping sights, which is what makes the island of Kauai a must-explore spot. It’s paradise without the people. Serene and more beautiful than words can ever describe. White sand beaches, sensational snorkeling, rainbows, waterfalls, rolling landscapes – everything except unicorns.

  1. Hole Up In A Mystic Mountain

The mountain range you pick doesn’t matter. It could be a chalet in the French Alps or a retreat in the hills of Utah. So long as you head off the grid and into a secluded mountain moment, you’ll find you have the most amazing time possible. What you want is somewhere away from phone signal. Somewhere you can really focus on one another and leave the worries of the world as nothing more than a rattle at the back of your brains. Work, life, stress – forget about it all at altitude.

  1. See Otherworldly In Iceland

There aren’t many places left on earth that we haven’t all seen through the filtered lens of Instagram, which is why every couple should dig deep into their pockets just once or twice to experience a place where no amount of cameras can ever capture the magic, such as Iceland. From hiking with a guide to getting lost alone, every second will be amazing. That’s what a world of hot springs, glaciers, volcanoes and Northern Lights will do. You’ll be in awe every way you look.


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