If you are a blogger, then you will know that there is more to simply writing content and pressing publish. There are hours of research, attending events, editing photos, and using social media, that are all involved in the process. It all helps you to stay relevant to your audience, as well as getting your content seen in front of the most people possible. So what should you be doing after publishing a post? If you’re a newbie blogger, or want to take things up a notch, then here are some tips and tricks to help you get more traffic, as well as get more followers. Have you thought about any of the following before?

Share Posts Across Social Media Channels

Sharing your posts across your social media channels should be one of the things that you do after hitting publish. It means that you’ll get some blog hits, as well as updating your regular followers with new content. It is a good idea to not say the same things across each channel, though. You may have followers that follow everywhere, for starters. But all channels are different. If you want to share something on Twitter, then you’re likely to be more succinct than if you are sharing on Facebook, for example. So tailor your shares to each channel. Schedule posts and shares if you need to, as it can be hard to be online for your posts all of the time.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to get seen on social media, particularly if you use Instagram hashtags. When you use the relevant tags, people can click on them and scroll through anything else that is tagged with that tag. So for bloggers, it is a really important part of your content sharing. There are tags for bloggers to use, like #blogshare, #ontheblog, or #lbloggers and so on. So make sure that you are using them in your posts, as well as clicking through them and interacting with some of the pictures on there. You can find some great new people to follow that way, as well as get some more followers yourself.

Go Live

If you have written a stellar piece of content that you want to get feedback from or to explain a little more, then it could be a great idea to ‘go live’ on your channels like Instagram and Facebook. It can be watched back by your followers, as well as be right there to chat and interact with those that are online. It can be a good idea when you need some instant feedback or really want to share your excitement about a post.

Share with Email List

Your email subscriber list is an important list as a blogger. It shows the people that want to hear what you have to say, and not just the ones on social media. So make sure that they are getting your new posts, or at least a roundup in a newsletter.

The final note is to make sure that you interact after your post has been shared. Reply to blog comments, reply to social media questions. When you pay attention to followers it will mean they’ll keep coming back.


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