The freelancing business is thriving in today’s economy because it’s easier for companies to hire an independent contractor rather than a larger company to help them with odd jobs. Many freelancers are hired through the internet for jobs such as copywriting and editorial skills and as you can imagine, that involves a lot of time spent in front of their computer screens, tapping away to make their living. Sounds fairly easy right? Unfortunately, the problem with freelancing is that sometimes, you’re not earning as much as you would in a full time job, unless you’ve got an acquired set of skills that people are willing to pay for. This can become very taxing for a freelancer, and can trigger stress and other health problems. Take a look at these things all freelancers should be doing for their health.

Get their eyes tested

Being in front of a computer screen all day can take a massive toll on your eyes. You may find that at the end (or even during) each day you’ve got a splitting headache and become sensitive to brighter lights. This could be down to deteriorating eyesight, so it might be time to visit your optician for an eye test. If they find anything, they will give you prescription glasses to wear while you’re working so that you don’t suffer with the horrible headaches any longer. More often than not, the lack of headache will also lead to increased productivity, meaning that not only are you helping your health, but you’re helping your workload too.

Learn that it’s okay to say no

One of the biggest problems that freelancers face is the rate of pay. As mentioned earlier, freelancers are generally paid less because otherwise the people hiring might as well go for a larger company to complete their work. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s okay to sell yourself out. Work out what you want to ideally earn per hour of work and don’t accept anything below that figure. Not earning enough but feeling like you’re working all hours under the sun can quickly lead to stress and other stress induced illnesses. Also, not earning enough money means that you’re not going to be looking after yourself as well as you would if you were earning more. Learn that it’s okay to say no so that you can grow your freelancing business and also support your general health.

Take breaks

Finally, it’s all too easy to think to yourself that it will be better if you can complete your daily workload and then enjoy the rest of your day. While this is good in theory, working too quickly and without breaks can lead to mistakes (meaning you’ll have to do the work again, but for free), and also contribute to that headache you’re getting each day. Take a look at these time management apps that you can use which will help you delegate your work much easier, and also not feel so much pressure on yourself.


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