Taking a gap year or going on an extended holiday in order to travel the world is exciting! Your trip will be full of adventure and you will experience different cultures, foods, activities and meet lots of new people – in fact the list of benefits is endless. It’s important to take time to prepare your trip before you go, so as to avoid any potential disasters.

Gap years are no longer just for young adults who are taking a break from education, it’s open to and popular with all age groups. Of course as you get older more responsibilities require more preparation before you embark on your travels. You may have your own property with a mortgage, work commitments or people depending on you. A little preparation will still allow you to follow your dreams, even though you may need to be a little more creative.


Travelling costs money and although you can travel cheaply by staying in budget accomodation, the costs of flights and food will still mount up. It’s essential to save up before you go, even if you’re considering working whilst travelling. You should always keep a certain amount of money in reserve so you can get home in an emergency.

You could fund part of your travels by working on a temporary basis in bars or fruit picking. If you have skills that lend themselves to working remotely you could earn money from anywhere in the world, as long as it has an internet connection. Jobs that are possible to work remotely include freelance writing, blogging, web design, tuition and photography to name a few.

If you own your own home you could consider renting out your property to the holiday or rental market. You will need to put your furniture and personal possessions into storage. mybekins.com  offers storage options for long and short term durations. Renting out your property will mean your mortgage is paid for and any money left over will help fund your trip.

Shop around to find the best flight deals available and consider flying during the night, avoiding weekends as these flights tend to be cheaper.


Before you travel anywhere you will need to ensure that you have all essential documents in your possession. These include your passport – which needs a long expiry date, travel insurance, policies, health cards and your driving license.

When booking holiday insurance, ensure that you stipulate exactly where you’re travelling as some countries may incur higher premiums. If anything happens, you need to be safe in the knowledge that you’re covered for any medical expenses, theft and personal damage.  


Many countries in the world have diseases which we are not normally exposed to. Such diseases include cholera, typhoid. Malaria and yellow fever. Different countries require different innoculations, it is therefore essential to speak to your medical practitioner to find out what is currently recommended.

It is also important to make sure your are up to date with your routine vaccinations. Check that you have had a Tetanus injection recently.

Now that you have the essential things in place for your gap year you can begin the enjoyable part – planning where you will visit. Enjoy your trip!


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