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When you’re greatly wronged, it pays to be wise. Life isn’t fair. Ask any teenager and they will have likely learned this fact. Fortunately, there are attitudes you can take that make the horror of this fact a little more manageable. It leads to growth and maturity. In fact, this is the blessing of life being unfair. A completely fair and justified world would likely not need for people to maintain inner maturity and build their character, even if the process of doing so might be painful.

Of course, there are many scenarios where this is not an absolute positive, and saying that it is could be considered naive, or at least hurtful. However, that absolutely doesn’t lessen the requirement for us to stay steadfast and moral in the face of sad affairs like this, and become better people as a result.

We can live our lives as well as possible, and be the best and most developed person imaginable. This still doesn’t protect us from being wronged by others. In fact, it’s likely to happen. If not to you, then at least to someone you know. You can let this truly harm you and hurt you for the rest of your life, or you can be wise and look for the most appropriate inner solutions to find.

Here are some tips to help you when someone wrongs you. We hope this helps you find some peace regarding this rather sad subject matter;

Forgive & Forget

Forgiving and forgetting is a wonderful thing to do. While the person you forgive might not deserve that forgiveness in the least, it’s not something which is solely beneficial to them. Holding onto grudges and hatred will only sour and poison you as a person. This is no way to live, and it makes the original offense so unbearable and painful, almost infinitely.

The power to forgive and forget frees you. For example, hating someone is like swallowing poison and hoping the other person’s affected. It doesn’t help you, it only messes with your emotions. When you forgive and forget, you immediately take all the power of the situation. You become the person who resolves it all with a simple decision. You grow infinitely as a result, and you put the matter to rest. It’s amazing how this simple decision can not only help you grow, but completely free all associated feelings of sadness around this event.

This inner maturity unlocks a feeling of growth and allows you to focus on the events that actually do matter in your life. Imagine that a wet film envelops you during the time of an egregious thing happening to you. This film stays with you and stretches over time, with the original source of it staying in the location and place where it once happened. It’s not hard to see how this can feel limiting and binding after some time. When you forgive you tell the situation ‘I am emotionally done with you and I am stronger than you.’ This automatically removes those cobwebs spawning from that memory, and puts you in a much better position to emotionally process it. So, forgiving is more important for your health than anyone else’s. Be sure to exercise it where appropriate.

Defending Yourself

Many people neglect to forgive because it seems that it means you take the teeth out of your defense. This might not be so. You can forgive someone but still seek reparations for the event. This is true in the case of incompetence that has harmed you. For example, you can become injured at your work and forgive your boss for being neglectful and letting this happen personally. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek compensation, because it’s perfectly within your rights to do so.

People often tangle business and emotional matters, and sometimes they are separate. In the case of defending yourself, they absolutely can be. Don’t simply give up because it’s easier if you have been truly wronged, and you are owed something. To do so simply sends the message that this can happen again. While you shouldn’t seek any form of revenge, if you’re in your right to pursue a remedy you should, with the full force of the law behind you.

The first step is finding someone competent to take your case, or at least seek help in organizing the matters surrounding it. The Bronx Workers Comp Lawyers are such a firm that can help you with this, and you can find them here to help you with all manner of wrongful injuries. The second step is to collect the narrative, and to clearly define its accuracy. This helps you articulate what happened to you, and that is the greatest wisdom of all. It also helps you process the event, as it works akin to journalling. When you express a thought and a narrative, you are much less prone to chaotic thoughts and can enact practical solutions to resolve them.

Don’t Go Solo

It can be tempting to experience hardship alone. After all, it might seem that you’re no fun when incessantly complaining about something. However, there’s no need to complain to this degree. Times like these are when you need the people you love around you most to help you through the circumstance. Without it, you’ll find that finding a solution becomes almost impossible.

There are many practical and emotional things to take care of after you have been wronged. This can dull your spirits and somewhat reduce your faith in humanity. This is a tragedy to occur, and leaves you unhappy and relatively dismissive of any future good that might come your way. With social connections around you to help you through these matters, you’ll often find that your recovery comes at an accelerated pace. Other people often keep you in check also, which means if you find yourself falling into bad habits to cope, someone you respect will often check you and ensure you don’t. This might be a friend forcing you to come out for coffee and cake, or to go shopping instead of sitting inside all day and mourning your situation.

Don’t go solo. Friends are too important for that.

With all this in mind, you can be sure that your wise remedy to a situation will be inevitable, and possible to progress with.


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