Choosing a vacation hot spot can be tricky. However, as we head further into the year it is now more apparent that we need start thinking about our summer vacations. It can certainly be a hot topic of conversation. However, no one wants to make a bad choice about where to take that important vacation. After all, vacations from work can be few and far between. So I thought I would share with you five American states to consider.  


The state of Michigan is a midwestern state that borders four major lakes, making it an ideal vacation spot for any adventure loving couple or family. It also contains more than 11,000 inland lakes, which makes it a great place to consider camping or hiking. Lake Michigan is the most popular choice when it comes to location, however there is also the famous city of Detroit. Famed with its automotive history.

North Dakota

North Dakota is a Mid-western state that is dominated by the great plains. The Eastern city of Fargo showcases some of the best Native American and modern art at the Plains Art Museum. The capital of North Dakota is Bismarck, and again this location has much to offer someone looking for a change of scenery. With fantastic museums and features to see you will have a fabulous time in the underated state of the US.

New York City Selfies

South Dakota

The next state to consider would be South Dakota. It an expansive area that isn’t well populated which means that some of the locations and towns in South Dakota have a real charm about them. Whether you like to find a place to become your base so you can explore, places like the Comfort Inn & Suites Custer could work out well for you. Custer is one of those towns that could really end up captivating your mind. But then there is also the capital of Pierre to think about. If you want a vacation that is more unique the South Dakota could be the place to consider.


One of the more popular options for a vacation, Florida has more to offer than the theme parks and fun experiences that can be had in Orlando. You have the city of Miami with its Cuban influences. You have the adventure that only The Everglades can offer and finally you have the Florida Keys for all of your relaxation needs. There really is a lot that can be offered in the state of Florida.

New York

Of course, finally, we can’t not mention New York. There is Brooklyn but no visit to New York state would be complete without a trip to NYC to take in the famous sites. New York City is a great iconic place to visit in the USA. There are some great places to see and things to do so it certainly wouldn’t be a disappointment for a vacation in this place.

I hope this has offered you some inspiration for the next time you want to take a vacation.


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