I love to travel, I really do, but what I find is that we are more inclined to look overseas for our next vacation destinations, am I right? We want to explore places, see new things and experience things like no other, but yet, the country I live in is actually a place that sits on bucket lists all over the world, so why wouldn’t I explore it more? The truth is, I have, but the point I am trying to make is that many of us will discount the country we live in as a vacation possibility, simply because it is just home to us. But there’s so much beauty to see, so wherever you are, why not consider exploring the country you live in a little more? Getting back to the main point of this blog, I thought I would share with you some of the highlights of Canada. Whether you live in this country and want to see more of it or have it on your bucket list, I hope it helps you when planning your next trip away.


I am going to start with the province I live in and that is Ontario. I am based in Toronto, but there is more to see and do in this area. Ontario border the US and also The Great Lakes. With many locations offering quality pitstop points like The Briars Resort & Spa you really will find exploring much easier to do. Toronto is a bustling and is the capital of Ontario, but lets not forget other locations worth of visit such as Ottawa. In Toronto, you have the CN Tower with its revolving restaurant, definitely worthy of a visit, and in Ottawa, you have Parliament Hills and the stunning architecture to peruse. Sometimes there really is beauty closer to home and experiences still worthy of your bucket list.  


If you want to feel a different type of culture then why not head over the Quebec. This is a predominantly French-speaking province and it can really offer you a different vibe altogether, feeling like you have actually left the country. Why not take a trip to Quebec City, the capital of this province. There you will find some amazing sites such as the Place Royale and the historic harbour. It really retains its colonial core, and it could certainly be an exciting place to explore.

British Columbia

Offering a different vibe once again you have British Columbia, the most western province and famed for its Pacific coastline. If you like your hiking or more active things to do then the Glacier National Park really could suit you, with plenty of hiking and biking trails that you can follow. However, if you are partial to  bit of skiing then Whistler Blackcomb is the place to be. Hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics it has some of the best facilities on offer. If you are still after a city vibe then Vancouver and the capital Victoria can really satisfy your need for the hustle and bustle of fabulous city life.

I hope that this has enticed you to visit Canada a little more closely.


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