We often take our amazing bodies for granted; we assume that they will function correctly each day and we’ll never have to worry about a serious medical condition which might set us back. It is so important to look after your body and consider the many ways that you could help people that aren’t as fortunate as you are. There are many men and women who are suffering from health scares each day and you could have a positive impact on their lives by considering a handful of good deeds. Some of them have risks and are quite a commitment, but you should always consider how far you’re willing to go.

  1. Surrogacy

Giving birth naturally and having your own baby is something many women might assume is the norm, but there are many females out there who cannot conceive their own children naturally. It is a painful and difficult thing to process, when you can’t have your own children and that is what persuades many fertile women to become a surrogate. If you are blessed with the ability to give birth to healthy babies, then consider giving one of the best gifts you could ever give to someone. Look into the different avenues that you could follow and take it into consideration.

  1. Giving Blood

It takes less than thirty minutes of your time to donate a pint of blood to your local blood bank. If you’re not sure whether you’re eligible to donate then go and see your doctor to see if you can help. You might need to pass a simple health test to ensure that you are well enough to give it. If you don’t know what your blood type is then it’s important to find this out too. Some rare types are highly sought after, so you could truly be saving someone’s life by investing just a small amount of your time.

  1. Donating Organs

It can be a difficult moment when choosing whether to donate your organs after you’ve passed. You don’t have to make a hasty decision, so really consider the advantages and disadvantages. You can register at any time, so it is never too late. Perhaps consider discussing it with your family members to see if they would agree with your choice and then see if it something you would like to pursue.

  1. Medical Testing

There are an abundance of medical studies which are happening all of the time, some of which carry a high number of risks and some which won’t take much time at all. Hospitals are always looking for contributors for clinical research and medical exams, so head to your local centre and see how you might be able to help out. You might even gain some interesting information from your tests.

Even a small contribution to medical research and regular donations will help out those in need on a daily basis. Make sure that you assess all of the risks that come with each option and seek medical advice from your doctor before committing to any life changing decisions.


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