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We all complain of feeling tired from time to time, but if tiredness (or TATT: Tired All The Time) is a long-term problem that you can’t seem to shake off, no matter how much you change your diet and outlook, are there some littler problems that you haven’t noticed before? If so, your lack of energy could be a symptom of something deeper in your system, but if you have covered every base, have you thought about the following?

Are You Getting Quality Sleep?

You might think you get your eight hours fine, but do you still wake up feeling tired? If so, do you have proper sleep hygiene, and do you get the sleep quality you need? The first thing to do to get a great night’s sleep is to look at your sleep environment. If it’s full of electronic devices, and distractions, get rid of these. Doing this, in conjunction with a proper night-time routine, which gives you the opportunity to wind down, will work together to make sure you get good quality sleep. Remember, it’s not about the hours you get, but how much deep sleep you have.

How Are Your Hormone Levels?

It could be something as ingrained as this. If your hormone levels are all over the place, and you’ve noticed that you’ve gained weight, or you’ve got a low mood, it could all tie together. A herb like Tongkat Ali, and variations of this, such as Eurycomanone, provides various benefits, including fighting weight gain, as well as energy boosts. The other thing to consider is if you struggle to sleep predominantly during your menstrual cycle. If so, this actually contributes to a drop in hormones, but also, your sleep will be greatly affected during this time.

Are You A Perfectionist?

It might be as simple as this! If your brain constantly works overtime, and people have commented that you are one of those anxious types, you might very well struggle to get off to sleep or have a good quality sleep in the night because your brain is whirring at a mile a minute. If so, there are long-term techniques you could take advantage of, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, but also, implementing sufficient lifestyle changes to help relax you, will improve your attitude to perfectionism over time. People view being a perfectionist as a good quality, but it’s only good for you to an extent. Yes, stress is useful in the short term because it gives you focus, but over time it wears you down.

Are You Eating Too Many Carbs?

Keep an eye on your blood sugar. If you eat too many refined sugar before bedtime, especially in the form of carbs like pasta and bread, as tasty as they are, this will give your blood sugar peaks and troughs akin to a roller coaster ride. If you are eating too many carbs, you’re much better off going for carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, so the energy is released slowly, but if you really can’t stay away from those sweet treats, eat them earlier on in the day. Or, just pile on the vegetables to fill you up!

A lot of us are so stubborn that we refuse to change a major part of our life, but if you are really struggling to keep energy levels up, look at these first.


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