When you travel, you’ll probably take pictures. After all, you’re going to want to look back on these memories. Plus, everyone back home will want to see snapshots of your journey. But, when it comes time to pack, you’ll face one crucial photography question: should you take digital or film? Making the right choice here could make a massive difference to the pictures you capture. As such, it’s essential you take some time over this. In truth, the answer here often comes down to personal taste. But, to help you break through the barriers, we’re going to look at the plus points on each side of the scale.


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  • Editing is a definite plus-point of digital photography. Using programs like Photoshop, you can do anything you fancy. You can bring certain things into focus, or even cut things out. For anyone serious about the images they take, this a must. How better to perfect each one?


  • The delete button shouldn’t go without notice, either. Before you even hit that editing software, this allows you to delete images you don’t like. That way, you can be sure you always get a decent picture of what you like. There certainly won’t be any wasted shots.


  • Convenience is also worth a mention here. Digital photographs are right there for you to use how you see fit. All you need to do to get copies is plug in and press print. If you invest in a sublimation printer like those reviewed on sites such as Review Ambition, you can even print straight onto professional photograph paper. All from the comfort of your home.


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  • The element of surprise has got to be the best thing about using a film camera. With this method, you have no way of seeing what you’ve taken before photo processing. As such, this can really help keep the fun on your vacation alive. When you get your photos back, you’re sure to be in for some fun surprises you forgot you’d even captured.



  • The depth of color is, in truth, the main reason film photography is still alive today. No matter how much editing you do a digital print, it’ll be difficult to achieve the richness of color you get with film. If you want to display your pictures, then, this could be the best option.



  • Film also removes the chance to self-edit. As much as the delete button on a digital camera is useful, it also encourages self-editing. That could mean you delete pictures which are worth keeping, or even that you don’t take a snap because you can’t get it right. Instead, film photography relies on fast reactions in the moment. And, these can often lead to the best results.


As you can see, there’s no right answer here. Instead, it’s down to you to take a step back and consider what you want from your photographs. What will you use them for? Once you know that, it should be easy to see which would work best.


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