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There comes a time in any relationship where you’re due a talk. A talk that brings up taking the next step. For some, this may be transitioning from dating to being in an official relationship. For others, this may mean marriage or children. This can be a rather overwhelming time, because your mind will be trying to figure out what your heart is feeling, and more often than not, it can be difficult to identify.

Are you ready for the commitment of wearing a ring on your finger, browsing on sites like for the best bit of bling? Or does the thought freak you out a little? Regardless, it’s important to remember that it’s normal to be nervous when thinking about the future. So don’t take your nerves as being something negative, because they’re not.

Here’s how to figure out what you’re ready for.


Every healthy relationship needs good communication skills. If either one of you lacks in this department, then how do you expect to share your thoughts and feelings? You need to know that if there’s a problem and you’re struggling with something in your mind – you can go to your other half and discuss it. Even if it includes them and may not make them too happy. Failure to do this with one another, you will start keeping things in, and they then build up more and more until you finally explode, and that’s when arguments happen. But depending on how long you’ve held things in for, will determine the severity of some of the things that may be said.


If you don’t have trust between each other, then what do you have? Without trust, how can either of you have the freedom to do things without having to worry about where your other half is, or what they’re doing? You want to feel secure in a relationship, and that means being able to believe what the other one is saying before those niggling bits of doubt form from the back of your mind and begin to analyse every single thing your partner does. This is no way to live because it’s exhausting. If you don’t trust your partner, and you feel as though they’ve given you no good reason to, then why are you bothering wasting time if you suspect their motives?


Your partner should be your biggest cheerleader, and you should be theirs. You want to feel as though you’re a team and you have each other’s backs, because that’s what good partners do. Read more on They support one another, and push them further to achieve what they want in life while being by their side the whole time. They shouldn’t ever make you feel as though you have to choose between them and your career, or dream, or social life, because that’s giving you an ultimatum, and love shouldn’t be about that. Understanding is what you both require, along with a support system that keeps you sane.


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