If you like taking pictures, chances are you run your snaps through a program whenever you come back from an adventure. And if you do, there’s a good chance you’ve carved out your own style and have a bunch of tricks up your sleeve to smooth out any wrinkles, remove the red eye, and make your pictures like instagram ready like never before. However, getting to this stage takes time, and a lot of us are impatient! So you’re going to need some good advice on your side; whether you’re a pro with a business, or just like taking photos because it relaxes you, here’s some of the best ways to edit your photos.  

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Add Layers

Every editing program out there gives you the ability to add extra layers to your pictures, so make sure you’re using them to make any adjustments to your picture. Not only will you have a free canvas to work with, but when you make a mistake you can simply delete the layer and start over again. On the other hand, you can fix mistakes a lot easier because you won’t muck up any other areas of the picture in your effort to erase.

Highlight and Darken Areas

Highlight and darkening areas means you can put a lot of focus on a specific part of a photo, and also get rid of any undesirable areas at the same time. Not to mention how artsy it can look by the end of your editing, so try it out.

Most editing programs will have a tool to lighten your picture, and they’ll probably have a burn tool as well; photoshop certainly does, and that’s the most common program out there for photographers to use. Select your tools, add a layer into the background of your picture and then get brushing away.

Blend Areas Out

When it comes to blending, there’s a lot of tips you can pull to make something look a little more realistic when you combine images together. Blending means you can shade away the parts of the image you don’t like, or even build up an artistic style. You can even use the layers you’ve built up as blending tools alone, automatically highlighting the areas that need the most work and smoothing them out for you. Just because it’s a short cut doesn’t mean you didn’t put any effort into it!

Try Out a Course

To get a truly professional touch on your pictures, try taking a course to improve your skills and be monitored by someone who really knows what they’re talking about. Companies like

Training Connection have quite a few courses in different programs, so look into the softwared you want to use (and would be best for you) before signing up.

Editing a photo is going to get easier and easier the more you do it, and the more you learn what technique looks the most natural for your backdrop. Practice makes perfect, so go on and on until you’re happy.


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