When it comes to getting fit, it seems as though everyone has a handful of excuses up their sleeve. No matter the time or place, you always have a reason to not exercise and get fit. Most of the time, these reasons are just a little bit rubbish, aren’t they? When you break down each excuse, you realize there’s normally a way around it!

Speaking of which, here are some common fitness excuse you simply can’t make anymore:

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I Can’t Go To A Gym

By far and away the biggest excuse is that you can’t go to a gym. Normally, this is either because there’s no gym close to where you live, or you can’t afford to pay for a membership. So, without a gym, there’s no way you can exercise and get fit, right? Obviously, this is wrong as you can easily workout at home or anywhere else you want. Gyms aren’t essential for a good fitness regime – they make life a bit easier for you, yes – but you don’t need to go to a gym to get fit.

I Don’t Have Access To Any Equipment

You often find people follow up the previous excuse with this one. Oh, so you can’t workout away from the gym because you haven’t got any equipment? Well, if you go to www.momsintofitness.com, you’ll find loads of fitness plans and routines that don’t require any equipment at all. You can literally do them in your living room, and all you need is enough space to lie down. Bodyweight exercises don’t require equipment, so this excuse is poor at best!

I’m Too Tired

If someone manages to argue that you don’t need a gym or any equipment to work out, then the next excuse is that you’re too tired. You haven’t got enough energy to do any sort of physical exercise, so you’ll skip exercising for the day. It’s such a common excuse, and usually, one that people convince themselves is legitimate. But, as it shows on www.theactivetimes.com, there are many workouts you can do when you’re tired. Or, you can just drink some caffeine to jolt you awake. Often, working out actually energizes you too, so this isn’t as solid an excuse as it first seems!

I Simply Don’t Have Time

If all else fails, then the go-to excuse is that you don’t have time to exercise. In many ways, this is an excuse I kind of sympathize with. It can seem impossible for some people to find time in their day to exercise. However, there is always time somewhere! Why don’t you bike or run to work instead of driving? Or, wake up half an hour earlier to sneak in a quick home workout in the morning? Don’t assume that all workouts have to be over an hour long, you can get a really beneficial one in as little as 15 minutes.


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