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There are so many things that can mess with your mental health – and a lot of those things can be how you see yourself. Insecurities can play on your mind constantly, and when you team that with potential health issues, the stress and worries can be really detrimental to your mental and physical health. A smile can say so much about a person, but when you’re constantly conscious of your teeth, it can quickly get in the way of your happiness. Luckily, there are things that you can do to look after your teeth and to correct any issues you might have.


Many people think that the more that you brush, the whiter your teeth will be. But that’s not true. The toothpaste that we use contains the right chemicals to kill bacteria, but it also counteracts the natural, protective chemicals that we produce to keep the enamel on our teeth strong. This can easily be managed by brushing your teeth twice a day, which is enough to kill bacteria and keep the mouth clean, and to allow the natural hardening of the enamel. Team your brushing with a regular floss and mouthwash routine.


Your diet plays a huge part in looking after your teeth. Calcium is one of the most important things that you need to ensure the strength of all your bones, so if you have a dairy intolerance then you might need to look into supplements for your diet. Sugar is the enemy of your teeth – it eats away at the enamel and reveals the porous, yellowish dentin underneath, allowing cavities to form. Caffeine and carbonated drinks have a similar effect, but caffeine will also stain the enamel brown and yellow. Another thing to steer clear of is smoking – the tar rots and stains the tooth, and can cause gum disease. Just because you’re presenting with a list of ‘don’t’s’ doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy any treats, simply all in moderation, and if you do have a high amount of sugar or caffeine, then slip in another quick brush. Switch to drinking and fizzy drinks through a straw, and swap you gum to sugar-free.


Having regular check-ups should be something you don’t miss. They can see a lot more than you can and can identify potential issues before they have time to take hold. They can also be the answer to fixing any issues you might have with your teeth. Corrective surgery for damage done to the teeth is pretty routine, and you can opt for extra procedures if your insecurities are too much. And there isn’t any shame in that. If you have any major concerns – and not just for your physical health, but also concerns that affect your mental wellbeing, then go to your dentists, like Trolley Dental practice, and talk to your dentist and get advice on what can be done to help you.


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