We are currently through just over 10% of the year, and let’s be honest, it feels like it hasn’t even started. Most people are probably still recovering from overeating at Christmas and drinking on new year’s eve, making this year seem like it has barely begun. That said, the pace that this year is going at makes one think, and it also makes you realise that the new decade is basically here. If we keep going at this speed, this year is going to be over before we know it, and the year 2020 is almost upon us, that’s a whole 10 years after 2010, which also doesn’t feel too far away. Time is a strange thing, to say the least. Weren’t you thinking about how different your life is going to be by the time 2020 rolls around? Weren’t you sure that everything would have “solved itself” at this point? Weren’t you going to be the new you, who has taken care of all those things which you kept telling yourself you were going to take care of? If you’re nowhere near accomplishing all those goals, then do not worry, because you are most definitely not alone. Why not make it a personal ultimatum to get some of your issues out of the way before the turn of the decade?

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Sort out your insecurities

We’re all insecure, even the people who insist that they are not. In fact, the people denying it the most are probably the most insecure. Not to sound shallow, but the chances are that most of people’s insecurities nowadays probably stem from their appearance. Once again, you can either sit around and wait for things to sort themselves out, or you can get out there and get things done. All those tiny things which have been on your to-do list which really need addressing, go and do them. Need to lose weight? Need to gain weight? Need to look after your teeth better? Need to get your hair looking healthier? Go and get it done. Start that diet, pick from a variety of diets which you can find online to fit your needs. Go to that dentist and get started on getting your perfect smile back, visit a dentist like  Dr. Kot DDS PC or somewhere equally as qualified somewhere close to you. Start applying all those treatments for your hair, whether it’s rinsing your hair with coffee or using a variety of hair oils, what better time than now?

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Make steps towards your dreams

Most of us were probably thinking we were going to be professionals making insane amounts of money from doing what we love by 2020. If you are, then you are living the dream, and congratulations on your success, but if you’re like most people who are still stuck in their mediocre job just trying to make ends meet, then you’re in the majority. Start making steps towards your dream profession, make a conscious effort to developing your skills and portfolio in your desired field. Take courses related to what you are interested in, and see if you could maybe even do them online.


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