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We’re not all that big a fans of alarmists, but sometimes it is totally necessary, such as rallying against Donald Trump, or explaining how feminism and environmentalism are super-important or, in this instance, how lung disease is still one of the biggest killers in the world. Luckily, much like with a car, if you take good care of your lungs, you’ll find they last a lifetime.

The good news is, your lungs are really durable, and they tend to remain pretty sweet unless you put them in harm’s way. The bad news is, you’re probably getting your lungs into trouble without even realising.

You smoked as a teenager, you live in a city for work, your childhood home housed asbestos, or you don’t have time to exercise because life is too hectic. All of these things are bad and, when they get really bad, you can develop something called mesothelioma, in which you can find out more online. That’s why we recommend you do all you can to actively keep your lungs healthy, which is a lot easier to do than you may have realised.

So, without further ado, here are some top tips for keeping your lungs strong and healthy:

  1. Do Some Deep Breathing

One of the most effective ways to strengthen your lungs is to practise deep breathing, which will help them reach their full capacity and stay at the level for longer. Of course, there are plenty of different techniques, but the one we’ve found works the best is diaphragmatic breathing, which helps with asthma, emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

  1. Stop Smoking, Now

There are absolutely zero benefits to be had from smoking. It’s not even cool anymore. Instead, it is the single worst things you can do to your lungs, which are organs we really quite need to work at full capacity. It’s not just first-hand smoke either, secondhand smoke too. So, whatever you are smoking, stop and, if the people around you are smoking, either ask them to stop, move away or take it off them and throw it into a lake because you’ll be doing everyone a favour.

  1. Exercise On The Regular

If you are a scientist reading this then, yeah, you’re right, exercise won’t make your lungs stronger. However, it will help you get more out of them. The reason for this is, the more exercise you do, the easier it becomes for your lungs to pump oxygen around your body, namely to your heart and muscles. What’s more, exercising has been proven to be a great way to battle chronic lung disease.

  1. Improve Your Indoors

There is so much chat about the air pollution in big cities being horrendous, yet hardly anyone makes sure the quality of air in their homes is made better. That means sweeping out your fireplace and your wood-burning stoves, getting rid of any mould, pet dander and looking at what is in your air fresheners and candles. The other thing you can do is improve the ventilation in your home and start using air-cleaners. Anything and everything you can do is going to be super-important.


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