If you just can’t stomach five pieces of fruit or veg a day and couldn’t think of anything worse than going to the gym either before or after a long, hard day at work, then you should know that there are alternative ways to stay fit and healthy. And, these alternatives ways of staying fit and healthy are themselves healthy and safe courses of action to take, so don’t be afraid to take them!

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LCHF diets

If you feel like you are being held back from living a fit and healthy lifestyle because you don’t have the motivation or self-discipline to stick to a traditional form of dieting, then a low carb, high fat diet could be exactly what you’re looking for simply. It could be what you’re looking for, quite simply, because it rewards overindulgence on fatty, fulfilling foods!

These sorts of diets, such as the Ketogenic diet, replace the consumption of carbohydrates with the consumption of fat in a bid to acclimatise our bodies into burning the fat that they consume for energy rather than the carbs that they consume, and when this happens weight is shred in as quick and as a healthy time as possible. And, as stated on ketofact.com, these kinds of diets are also good because they make us feel far more full far more often, meaning picking at food throughout the day (the true enemy of weight loss) is instantly eradicated.

So, don’t be afraid to embrace an unconventional diet that falls into the category of LCHF, despite what anybody might tell you about dieting and how it is done ‘properly’.

Bring the gym to your home

Don’t let a pure hatred of the gym stop you from working out and reaching your optimum fitness levels — bring the gym to you!

When you do so, and when you starting using all of the things in your home that can be used as gym equipment as gym equipment, you will put yourself in the best position possible of boosting you fitness performance without having to pay for gym membership and without having to wait for others to be done with the equipment before you can have a turn. For instance, you can use your bathtub as a piece of gym equipment, and what’s more you can use it as a piece of equipment that will train and strengthen many different area of your body. Well, you can strengthen your core by doing planks in your tub, you can build you triceps by doing seated side bends on your tub and you can add muscle mass to your pectorals by using your tub to do push ups on. And, when you’re done working out, you can draw yourself a nice hot back to relax in!

So,  don’t be afraid to turn that food pyramid upside down and don’t be afraid to season your dishes with things that might increase their fat levels, and don’t be afraid to avoid the gym completely, because doing so might just keep you fit and healthy.