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Like most of us, you probably dread the sound of the mailman walking down your driveway. If the only pieces of mail he has clutched in his frostbitten hands are brown envelopes, your heart will sink. One or two bills a month is bad enough, but a whole wave of them? Let’s just hope you have the finances to cover the costs. And if you haven’t…well, don’t panic! We are here to reduce your financial worries and help you deal with the more common bills that land in your mailbox on a far-too-regular basis.

Utility bills

We are talking about the biggies here…gas and electricity. You can’t live without them, though you are probably tired of the rising costs each year, as utility companies unfairly decide to raise their rates, rather than lower them. So what can you do? As you have no doubt heard before, there are ways to reduce the amount of energy you use. By implementing good habits around the home, you can halve those bills. You should then ask for an energy audit from your utility company, and find other ways you can save money. Of course, you could always ditch your regular (possibly greedy) company and do a quick comparison service online to find cheaper rates elsewhere.

Credit cards

There’s a reason credit card companies bombard you with junk mail – they want your business. If you have been lured into getting a credit card, you need to concentrate on paying more than the minimal amount each month. This way, you will be paying off more than the interest rate on your card. However, if you do find yourself struggling, let the company know. They want your business, remember, so you may be able to negotiate a lower rate of APR, helping you manage those monthly bills each month. When you have finally paid off your credit card(s), you might want to consider cutting them up, especially if debt has become a major issue for you.


There are many reasons why you would take out a loan, from buying a car to paying for education. They can be a necessary nuisance, but you don’t have to put up with huge interest rates. For starters, always look for fixed interest rates when taking out a loan, as you will reduce the risk of a price hike down the line. You should also shop around for the lowest rates of interest, so research is crucial. Still, if you are stuck with one or more expensive loans, you can do something about it. has some good advice for those still paying off their student loans, but whatever type of loan you possess, it’s worth talking to your bank or other loan provider and consolidating your loans into one single, lower interest payment each month. It will save you money, and reduce the number of bills piling up in your mailbox.

Phone bills

For starters, if you are still using your landline phone, consider ditching it. Rather than paying an expensive line rental, you may be better off using your smart phone, especially if you have a decent package, with free calls etc. If, on other hand, your landline bill is part of your internet package, then remember to shop around at the end of your contract and find a better offer elsewhere. When it comes to your smartphone, you can also find ways to reduce your bills. Moving to another network may be a profitable option, but if you aren’t using all the bells and whistles with your current package, consider downgrading to something cheaper.


So, there we have it. A few simple tips for cutting down those pesky bills. Short of leaving the country and going into hiding to avoid the mailman, you should be able to make significant savings if you follow our advice. Let us know if you have any other tips our readers may find useful.


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