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Throwing a party can be a whole lot of fun but also be tinged with a whole lot of worry. There is panic over whether the music will suffice, whether there are enough refreshments – alcoholic or otherwise – and, most importantly, anxiety over whether anyone will have any fun.

But as long as you are adequately prepared and have the tunes, the equipment and the right vibe going, there shouldn’t be any issues in making your party, shindig, hootenanny or whatever you want to call it a success.


The type of music played at parties is the baseline (bassline? aha) of getting people to loosen up. Early on, most parties will have chill but vibrant tunes that get people in the mood to groove. During this time, guests will be pouring in somewhere between slowly and not-so-slowly, and you don’t want anyone walking into a silent house.

Creating a playlist before the day of the event will give you the opportunity to decide what type of music you want the play first and then allow it to graduate towards more pumping tunes once everyone has their dancing shoes on.

Depending on the type of venue, whether it be your house or a rented venue, it might be that at some point a rogue DJ takes over. Typically, this is cool, as they will add their own taste and take requests from others to act as a crowd pleaser and let you get involved with the other guests.

There are many, many different platforms available for you to create a playlist on, such as Spotify or Google Play or even go proper old school and just whack your iTunes library on shuffle. A word of advice, avoid like the plague any collection titled Best Party Playlist EVER’, for your own sanity, and your guests’.


Any successful event hinges on the type of equipment used to create the right ambience. This can include everything from speakers to lights to whatever unique attractions you also might want to add.

Ensuring that the equipment you have hired is top notch is essential to avoid any potential technological difficulties; you don’t want to overload and blow the circuit now, do you? Furthermore, you want to ensure that your guests are not straining to hear whatever music is on.

To guarantee that this does not become an issue, investing in proper additions to improve the sound quality such as the products found on toptubeamplifier.com will save your guests from dancing to nothing as well as keep the good times going all through the night – or, until everyone has gone to bed.

With equipment such as lights and smoke machines, while they are cool to have and contribute to the party / rave atmosphere, you need to be sure that none of your guests will be affected by it. Strobe lights can trigger people’s epilepsy so check or warn attendees that there may be strobes during the night.

Similarly, while fog machines aren’t necessarily unsafe, you still need to exercise caution when operating and being close to it. The machine has the potential to burn should you touch the surface, and if you want to avoid any malfunctions, make sure you use the correct fluids to create that smokey vibe.


Cultivating the proper vibe for your party may seem like a no-brainer. In fact, for many hosts there is only one priority in mind: people having fun. You want your guests to enjoy themselves, and the vibe comes from everything else that you have organised before kicking off the celebrations.

All dependant on the type of people you have invited, be it friends, family, strangers or a mixture of all three, you’ll probably have an idea of the kind of people they are, and you can work on the party vibe based on this knowledge.

If it is a big house party, akin to the raves of our youth, then drinks must flow, music must pump, feet must shuffle. Whereas smaller and more intimate gatherings – all very adult, sensible and sophisticated – require a different type of atmosphere.  

Many times, the people make the party, there is no need to micromanage everything and fret over whether or not people are enjoying themselves. Let the vibe develop and evolve naturally, and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about except enjoying yourself as much as everyone else.


But you can’t throw a party or event without somewhere to host it all. Back in the day, we waited until our parents were away for the weekend to wreak havoc on the fine china and the carpets and the neighbourhood and generally cause a bit of a nuisance. But now we’ve grown up and we’ve moved out and we have our very own homes to host.

Typically, the friends’ with the bigger houses make the best venues, but you can’t expect them to always play host and MC for every single event. Sharing the hosting load gives people a change of scenery every now and again and doesn’t make those who are often tasked with accommodating everyone else feel as if their hospitality is being taken advantage of.

Of course, if you’re planning something much bigger than a simple two storey house can handle, then looking into venues to rent can work wonders for having a place to enjoy yourself and celebrate whatever you want. Rented venues allow you to avoid any risk of damage to your personal property and, as selfish as it sounds, you don’t have to worry as much about the cleaning up, afterwards.

Planning a big party or event can be stressful in the lead-up and afterwards as the final tune dies and the last of the revellers stagger out of the door, you might wonder what all that concern was about. People want to have fun and have fun they shall, regardless of where they are.

Proper planning is an art and while there are other things that you might need to throw a successful shindig, having the core factors mentioned above will make the whole day and night that much more manageable and that much more enjoyable, too.


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