Only boys that save their pennies make my rainy day.

When Madonna sang Material Girl, she was maybe far from thinking that more than twenty years later the song will still be relevant to the current society. There’s a natural sense of attraction towards people who own material things because it’s a sign that they are able to pay for their needs. In modern society, belongings are a sign of security. If you own enough, then you might be tempted to believe that you will be fine and safe. While there is an undeniable logic to the security of a materialistic approach, there’s also an additional question that needs to differentiate what you need from what you want, and ultimately what is affordable from what isn’t worthy of your money. Ultimately, material girls don’t find any consolation in their purchases. Financially, emotionally and reasonably, one needs more than just a credit card to secure a comfortable lifestyle.

IOU Piggybank
Don’t break the bank over a comfortable lifestyle.

You can’t buy all the things

Do you know that the most dangerous season of the year for financial issues is Christmas? Indeed, a lot of people go into debt during the festive holiday in an attempt to spoil their relatives and friends with beautiful presents. As Americans take on an average of $1,000 in debt per holiday season, it’s important to rapidly consider fast credit repair services as well as ways to limit the damages. For instance, if you have to buy presents for people, you should set a spending limit and ensure that you’re never spending more than you can afford. In other terms, forget about the credit card and focus on tangible cash instead. This might sound dull, but it’ll save you a lot of pennies in the long-term! Additionally, you need to apply similar strategies when you’re shopping for yourself. With a strategic spending goal, you can’t overbuy during your next shopping trip!

What are your long-term objectives?

Shopping is a short-sighted activity. If you want to spend less on material belongings, you need to set yourself long-term saving objectives. If you choose to become debt-free, for instance, you can invest your excess income in recovering your debts. It’s not as pretty as a new dress, but it can make a great deal of difference! Or you could plan for your retirement. It doesn’t mean depriving yourself of everything, but instead, it’s about thinking of what you’ll need to pay for in future.

Not everything has a price

In the end, you don’t need to break the bank to be comfortable. Indulging doesn’t have to come at a high price. In fact, you can even enjoy a lot of small pleasures in life that are completely safe for your finances. Wearing your best clothes more often or picking flowers from the garden doesn’t have any impact on your bank account. But it can certainly make your lifestyle feel a lot more enjoyable… and you don’t even need to go shopping for it! Appreciating the little things in life is not only advantageous for your wallet, it’s good for your soul too.

Stop worrying about the things you can’t afford. You don’t need most of what you buy. Focusing on defining your expense priorities can give your life the sweet taste of financial freedom again.


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