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When it comes to blogs that talk about how to blog, Google is littered will about 4 trillion articles, 87% of which talk about the importance of starting with a niche. And they are not wrong. Not in the slightest. After all, if you want to become an authoritative voice then you need to focus your energies on a particular subject and then grow from there. However, what none of these blogs tells you is how to choose a niche, which starts with a) knowing where you are super-duper knowledgeable and b) knowing what people want to read about.

That is how to start on your journey toward a blog that pays the bills. It isn’t going to do it all on its own, but when you are trying to crack the enigma code that is making money from a blog, picking a niche and giving the people what they want is pretty crucial.

The other thing you can do to up the odds – a little – is to create a sub-niche blog that falls within a niche that is famed for producing much-revered bloggers. And those are exactly what we are about to highlight for you:

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  1. Personal Finance Picks Up A Pretty Penny

(Try and say that three times fast.) The personal finance niche is a hugely popular and hugely successful one (just look and Mr Money Mustache). However, the best thing about it is the scope it offers you. There is just so much room for exploration without having to worry about repetition. You could be a student without a dime to your name that writes about being a frugal student with tips and tricks. You could be a whizz at making money on the side, or knowing how to squeeze every last dollar out of affiliate links or know what investments are worth the risk. It could be that you are a busy mom that gave birth to octuplets, and you want to help other octuplet mothers know how to make money in the three minutes of spare time you get a week. Whatever your sub-niche, know that personal finance is a big winner.

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  1. People Love Knowing Their Rights

We’re living in an increasingly worrisome place and people’s rights are a bigger issue than ever before which, for you, means more space to carve out your own blog. Perhaps you want to help other immigrants understand what their rights are in certain countries and where they can go for legal help. Maybe you once worked closely with serious injury solicitors and wanted to help people know everything there is to know, from managing a claim and to detailing the events of an accident. Perhaps you are a Democrat (or, as stats would prove, a real Republican) that is scared of Trump’s new legislations and you want to do your part to keep people safe. Maybe you worked for an insurance company in another life and you know all their dirty little tricks, meaning you can help honest people get the justice they were promised. This is one of those niches that is growing in popularity and for good reason. So, pick your speciality and make 2018 your year.

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  1. Healthy Harry’s & Fiona The Fitness Fanatic

Much like the two niches we have already delved into, the topic of health and fitness is a big, big topic and the amount of traffic you can achieve from a blog in this arena can be astounding. The problem is monetizing it, which is only possible if you truly know what you are doing and really know how to add value to people’s lives in this area. People want tips, tricks and tidbits of advice when it comes to leading healthy lives, but anything generic won’t cut the mustard. What sub-niche you attack will depend on your expertise. Healthy eating with Crohn’s disease, lifting waits with cystic fibrosis, getting a toned ass – the sub-niches are endless. However, your best bet and earning from this route is affiliate links or marketing. The reason for this is actually quite obvious when you think about it; your audience is actively searching for answers and solutions, and a subtle link to a product can achieve a healthy amount of commission. As a little side note, we would avoid a foodie blog if money is your game. People just don’t buy things in this area, although there are exceptions to every rule. So, by all means, add it to your blog, but don’t make it the core focus.

And there we have it, three extremely different niches that offer you a) the opportunity to start teeny-tiny and then grow, and b) the chance to cash in and possibly retire early (if you get it right, that is).

Good luck.


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