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If you want to feel happier and more relaxed this year, then it’s time to treat yourself. As I’m sure you’ll know, a little pampering can work wonders. It can help you to calm down and de-stress after a tough day of work, travel or even family drama.

“That sounds nice, but I don’t exactly have a bulging bank balance with which to indulge.” I can hear you say. No problem! Here are some very affordable ways to bring more luxury into your days in 2018:

Bring in a Bouquet of Joy

The simple act of bringing pretty fresh flowers into your home can be amazingly uplifting, and you don’t have to spring for an expensive bouquet to benefit either. Even if you just pick a few daisies from the garden or spend a little on a single red rose, it will give you a lift and make you feel a little more special every time you look at its beauty.

Indulge in Decent Coffee

If it’s fair to say that you’re a bit of a coffee fiend, invest in some high-quality beans like civet cat coffee, for example, and leave a few minutes in your schedule to enjoy a cup. Sure, it might be more expensive than the instant you’re used to drinking, but it’ll only cost you pennies per cup while giving you a few moments of decadent bliss each day.

Wear Your Best Clothes

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You know those clothes that you only bring out of your closet when there’s a wedding or a birthday party, and you want to look your best? Start wearing them now. They’ll give you a huge confidence boost and leave you feeling a million dollars, and because you already own them, it won’t cost you a single dollar. Life’s too short to wait for special occasions!

Get Bumped

If you do a lot of travelling, you’ll know that economy class can be described as a lot of things, but luxurious isn’t one of them. Unfortunately, it’s where a lot of us are stuck most of the time. Thankfully, there are numerous strategies you can use to get bumped into business class. Try them and enjoy a little more luxury than you’d usually be afforded.

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

You might not be able to afford to book yourself into the most glamorous spa in your city every week, but you can probably stretch to a few lotions and potions to keep in your bathroom. Stock up ion face masks, nice nail polishes, relaxing bubble baths and essential oils and whenever you’re feeling a little frazzled, pop to the bathroom and let your tensions drain away.

Fork Out on Fluff

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Investing in a set of fluffy towels and bathrobe won’t cost you very much at all, but it will help you to feel much more relaxed and snug when you’re trying to relax at home. Make this simple change, and it’ll feel just like you’re staying in a top hotel.

Enjoy the luxe life!


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