They’re not something you may think about on a daily basis, but your kidneys are a big part of your internal system. While you can live without one, you cannot function with none at all. They are there to filter out the waste from your blood, form the urine and help to create a balance with your bodily fluids. Given that we need to pee as part of the waste process, kidneys have a big job in the body.

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Diseases that affect the kidneys are silent killers, and while most people worry about their heart health and their digestive health, the kidneys aren’t something that get much attention unless there’s a problem. And when there is a problem, you know about it very quickly. Kidney stones are a common disorder in the kidneys, and clinics like Comprehensive Urology have been born to help those who need it when this disorder occurs. While you’re cleaning up your health for 2018, you should consider how you can keep your kidneys functioning the right way. We’ve got 7 simple rules for just that.

  1. Keeping fit and being an active person is probably one of the best things that you can do for your kidneys. You can reduce your blood pressure, which is one of the biggest causes of chronic kidney disease. If you are working on your blood pressure, you are working on your kidneys without even trying.
  2. Blood sugar levels aren’t just dangerous for diabetics. Type 1 diabetics have to monitor their kidney function for their whole lives, but Type 2 diabetics only develop this later on. High blood sugar levels are a cause for kidney damage, and you need to be careful. Keeping a balanced diet is important, as is regular testing if you are diabetic.
  3. Strokes and heart attacks are common side effect of high blood pressure, but not many know that it can damage your kidneys, too. Going for regular checks can help you keep tabs on whether your kidneys are suffering without you knowing it.
  4. Healthy eating is a given as a resolution for 2018, but if you add in reduction of your salt intake, you can prevent heart disease as well as kidney disease. Check out this diet for kidney health and you can get some inspiration on keeping yours healthy.
  5. When you are sipping your third coffee of the day, ask yourself how much water you’ve had. If you can’t think of any, then it’s time to ditch the coffee and swap to water. The kidneys filter the water you drink and the more you have during the day, the more you ‘clean’ your kidneys.
  6. Giving up smoking can cut your risk of kidney cancer by 50%. Smoking restricts the flow of blood to the kidneys, which stops them from functioning properly.
  7. NSAIDs and other over the counter drugs are often responsible for damaged kidneys. Discuss with your doctor how to recognise the signs of kidney damage before you start any medication.

You may not have thought very much about them, but your kidneys are keeping your waste system healthy and keeping you alive. Respect them!


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