Why WordPress Is Great For Bloggers

WordPress is the most popular blogging format in the world. Over 20% of websites on the internet are powered by this giant. But why is it so popular?

The beauty about wordpress is that it allows anyone to become a blogger within 10 minutes. You can choose between two versions of wordpress: .org and .com. .Org is the most popular in terms of professional websites as it give you the control to alter the code, add plugins and really play around with the layout to make it your own .Com is a simplified version which is great for the wider audience who don’t possess the computer skills, as it talks you through every step of creating a website and allows you to choose from a whole host of set themes. You can edit parts of the theme to suit you and the process is a little easier than on .org.

One of the biggest benefits of using wordpress is that it is free when you start out. If you don’t have the money to be paying for expensive hosting and someone to build you a website, you can create one yourself for free on this site. You can find WordPress tips all over the web which help you as you start out, and the navigation is pretty simple.

You are able to choose from hundreds of themes, both paid and free options are available, and you can really get creative with the website you decide to create. There are options or wedding photographers who want to share their portfolio, for restaurants or cafes who want to show off their food and menus, and of course for bloggers who want to share stories about life, beauty and everything else in between.

There are a few different types of theme you can choose on WordPress, and the first is to create a static website which will allow you to constantly update the information on your landing pages t keep your audience up to date with the business. The big advantage to creating your static website with WordPress is that it enables your website to rank higher in SEO due to the plugins within WordPress and the way they write their code. This is a great help for any personal brand or business because it means that your content is much less likely to become lost in a sea of other people’s content.


Perhaps one of the more beneficial parts of creating your site with WordPress instead of a site such as Blogger is the reputation which comes with it. WordPress is recognised and trusted throughout the whole world. By simply having your website associated with WordPress means that people will trust you more as a brand.


After you have gain some traction on WordPress as far as daily views you receive, you can monetize your website. This means that you can add in advertising to your website and gain money from advertising things on your website.This is the main way bloggers will make money.


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