People often take a vacation to relax and have a great time, but there are more benefits of taking a break than you would think. A change of scenery and air can have several benefits for your mental and physical health, and help you get connected with your inner self. Below you will find seven health benefits of taking a vacation, so next time you can have your excuses ready to book that cruise or safari break.

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Improved Immune System

If you change your location and climate, you give your immune system a chance to get used to the new minerals, bacteria, and viruses, and can get enhanced protection. People who sit at home all the time or commute between their home and the office have limited experience with different strains of bacteria and viruses, and are likely to catch them more often. You will need to travel the world to introduce your body to new threats and teach it how to overcome them on their own, instead of having to take antibiotics all the time.

Reduced Stress

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Taking a break from a busy routine can help you reduce your stress levels. If all you need to do everyday is visit the beach and search for a new restaurant, you will be able to process some of the most pressing issues you have to deal with in your life. Reduced stress levels can lead to improved health, and you will be feeling more relaxed when you return home. A lower stress level can improve your health conditions, such as asthma, anxiety, high blood pressure, and many more. You should travel as often as you can, to recharge your batteries and let go of what doesn’t serve you any more.

Preventing Heart Disease

You can also reduce the risk of heart disease if you take regular vacations. You can feel more relaxed, and change your lifestyle for a few days or weeks while traveling, and this can improve your cardiovascular health. If you want to avoid high blood pressure and stress related heart problems, go on a watersports holiday, swim a lot, or take on hiking for a few days. Staying outdoors can increase your happiness hormones in your body, and help you fight stress and anxiety, commonly associated with heart disease.

Better Productivity

If you plan an adventure holiday, you will have something to look forward to before the vacation, and more energy after. Your productivity before you leave and after you return will increase, which means you can get done more in less time. This way, you can restore your work-life balance, and have more time for things that help you relax. Increased productivity is also associated with higher job satisfaction, and improved cognitive functions, therefore, you can make decisions about your future easier. Take a vacation whenever you feel like you are getting burnt out in your job.

Sleeping Better

When you go on vacation, you will have less to worry about, and sleep better. Maybe the fresh air will do you good, or you will get more tired walking around the resort and taking part in outdoor activities. If you have been suffering from sleep deprivation for a long time, it might be time for a trip in the mountains, or by the sea to benefit from a tranquil environment and cleaner air. If you would like to maximize the benefits of your vacation, you could even book a log cabin in the woods, and say goodbye to your sleeping pills for a while. If you plan an activity break and set yourself a challenge, such as hiking or sailing, you can improve your fitness level at the same time.

Healthier Diet

When you visit a seaside resort or a Mediterranean village, you can change your diet for a few weeks. There will be fresh fruit and vegetables, and fish caught the same day. Your body will benefit from the healthier and more varied diet, and will reward you with more energy and an improved digestion system. Try new tastes whenever you visit a new location, and don’t miss out on restaurants frequented by locals. Instead of ordering pizza or other fast food, you can try new dishes, visit the market for fresh vegetables and fruit, or buy produce from local farmers. If you happen to visit in the Orange season, you can get the freshest fruit from the back of a truck for only a few dollars. A change of diet and reduction of processed food can reduce your risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Breaking Up with Bad Habits

If you have been struggling with breaking an unhealthy habit, taking a vacation could give you a second chance. Book a yoga resort for a detoxification course, or get a wellness weekend in a remote resort with no alcohol and fast food available. Check out what the Muse Treatment center has to offer for those with addiction problems. If you want to take a break from shops and a toxic environment, find a resort that has qualified mental health professionals, and offers counseling for people who would like to turn their lives around. No matter if you are a workaholic or would like to manage your anger better in the future, you can get help with breaking up with your toxic habits during your vacation, and return home as a new person.


We all know when we need a vacation. No matter if you feel burned out in your current job, or would like a change of scenery, you can improve your mental and physical health by taking regular trips. Take a step back from your stressful life and get help with changing your diet, as well as your unhealthy habits. Improve the performance of your immune system, and recharge your batteries, so you can handle everyday stress after you return better. You will reduce your risk of chronic illnesses, and improve your productivity at the same time, if you focus on the health benefits of vacations as well as the enjoyment they give you.


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