Making Those Long Flights More Bearable

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If you’re a regular traveller, and you like to explore far-flung destinations, chances are you know the hell that can be long-haul flights. Obviously, they aren’t all bad, but it’s not unusual to be cramped up in a tiny space, listening to a boisterous drink businessman while you struggle to get some shut-eye – and you pay for this experience! Thankfully, although, unless you’re able to upgrade to first class, long-haul flights are never going to be the most comfortable things in the world, there are numerous things you can of to make them more bearable…


Buy Your Ticket as Soon as Possible

The sooner you buy your tickets from Air Canada or wherever, the more chance you have of being able to choose your own seat, and having the seat of your choice can, as I’m sure you know, make all the difference to your comfort.

Personally, I would suggest choosing a window seat, so that you don’t have your fellow passengers clambering all over you every time they need to use the bathroom, but your mileage may vary.


Invest in a Good Set of Headphones

If you don’t want to be stuck listening to that drunk guy shout or that upset baby cry all night long, head over to Headphones Addict and pick up the best set of headphones you can afford. If they’re noise-cancelling, then so much the better, especially for your ability to sleep aboard, but otherwise, any earphones which allow you to drown out the background noise and listen to something pleasing to you is a must.


Dress Comfy

Making Those Long Flights More Bearable

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You might want to look good when you get to your chosen destination, but rather than putting on skin jeans, form-fitting dress, high-heels and other fashionable items, put on your comfiest pair of sweatpants, a comfy t-shirt and tennis shoes. That way, you’ll have more room to move, and feel much comfier as a result, It’s also a good idea to wear lots of layers, so you can easily adjust your temperature depending on conditions as you fly.


Quality Travel Pillows and Sleep Masks are a Great Investment

The pillows they provide you with on the average long-haul flight, especially in economy class, aren’t exactly comfy, in fact, some of them are so flat that you could hardly call them a pillow at all, so invest in a good one to make your journey more comfortable. Also, a good sleep mask, that really blocks out all of the light will be invaluable should you be flying for a long time and want to sleep.


Pack Some Snacks

When you’re flying long-haul. You will be fed, but not often, and if you happen to get hungry during the night when most passengers are sleeping, you’re likely to be left hanging, so be sure to pack a few goodies in your carry-on.


These might seem like simple measures, but they really do make a huge amount of difference to the quality of your long-haul flights, making them more bearable than ever.


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