It doesn’t matter what precautions you have in place because work accidents and injuries can happen at any time. They can range from lacerations to sprains and even health difficulties that are the result of being exposed to asbestos or other harmful chemicals. If you have been involved in a work accident and you want to try and do something about this then there are a couple of things that you can do.

Your Employer

Your employer is legally responsible for your welfare and the safety of the staff. If you feel as though your employer has failed to meet their responsibilities in keeping you safe or if you suspect that there have been some questionable happenings at work then you may be eligible to make a claim. This is usually only the case if your employer is the main instigator of the claim. These claims also cover things like noxious environments or even toxic substances as well.

How To Know If You’re Eligible to Make a Work Accident Claim
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How much compensation you can claim will depend on the extent of your injury, whether there is any long-term damage and whether or not you need to take time off from work to try and recover. It is possible for you to go for a consultation when you go to an experienced law firm, such as The Ledger Law Firm. It is also possible to use a calculator to try and find out how much you could be entitled to as well.

The only instance where you may not be entitled to make a claim is if the employer is not at fault for what happened or if you didn’t wear the appropriate safety equipment when working on the day of your injury. If the safety equipment was faulty however then this could mean that you are entitled to make a claim.

How To Know If You’re Eligible to Make a Work Accident Claim
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Bodily Injuries

It is possible for you to receive more or less compensation based on where you are injured. For example, you may get more for your claim if you have an eye injury or a neck/spine injury when compared to a hand injury or even a foot injury. The severity of your injury and the amount that it impacts your life will also determine the amount of your claim.


If you have been exposed to asbestos over long periods of time then you may develop a range of health conditions as a result. This can range from cancer to breathing difficulties and more, and compensation for injuries such as this can be in the thousands. Of course, you would need to get diagnosed by a doctor and you would also need to prove that the asbestos is the cause of your health difficulties as well. This will provide you with the foundation you need to make your claim and it is the best way for you to make sure that you are being given the help and support you need regarding your claim and the process that is involved.

Ultimately, if you are injured at work and it wasn’t your fault or if you have suffered from health ailments as the result of chemical or even asbestos exposure then you are more than entitled to compensation, especially if the injury or ailment was the result of employer negligence.


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