How to Deal with Being Treated Badly at Work
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At some point during your working life, you will inevitably feel like you have been treated badly. This may be a one-off event or it may be part of the culture of the company, but either way, it is not a nice feeling. Perhaps you have been passed over for a promotion that you really deserve or one of your bosses has spoken to you badly. People who are treated in a negative way at work tend to find themselves with lower self-esteem, less job satisfaction and motivation to succeed. But rather than letting the experience get you down, it is important that you are ready to bounce back and come back stronger and happier from it. Here are some of the strategies that you can use to deal better with mistreatment at work.

Don’t Jump to Conclusions

People tend to make a series of assumptions about the intentions of others when in fact these are usually totally fabricated in your mind. Though it may be difficult, you are much better off not jumping to any conclusions about the behaviour of others. Talk to someone close to your in the workplace who can give you a second opinion. If you feel like you need to talk to a member of the human resources department, this may be a beneficial activity to steer you on your next course of action.

Take the Moral High Ground

Rather than trying to get revenge for the way you were treated, you are much better off taking the moral high ground. Make sure you don’t do anything in anger and only respond to the situation when you feel like you are ready to do so in a rational way. Try to understand the motivations of the person you have been treated badly by, even though this may be difficult. They may not even be aware of the damage they have caused you, but if you are going to tell them, it needs to be in a calm and rational manner.

Look for the Right Course of Action

If it is a one-off incident, you may be able to let this go with no further action. But sometimes, you have to respond to serious incidents. Perhaps there is a manager who you feel is bullying you and you need to confront them in a controlled environment. In more serious cases, you may have gotten involved in an accident or gotten mesothelioma from your workplace, in which case you may feel like you need to take legal action. Again, it is worth taking a step back and analysing all the courses of action available to you.

Forgive Whoever is Responsible

This is probably the hardest thing of the four to do, but the act of forgiveness is an essential one or you will never be able to fully move on from the incident. You need to try to accept that what the other person did to you was wrong, but there is no way of going back to change it.

How to Deal with Being Treated Badly at Work
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