Emergency situations that occur when you’re far away from home are frightening. You don’t know where to turn, and you don’t know who you can talk to. And if you have a language barrier then you might be twice as scared. Things can go wrong, even though, thankfully, they rarely do. But you can reduce the risk of ending up helpless and confused by performing these 5 essential checks for every leg of your journey:

Embassy Support

If you’re traveling away from your home country, it might be a good idea to know how to get in touch with your embassy, just in case. Some foreign countries are easy to navigate, and you might even be OK with the language. But if you lose your passport, travel documents, or just yourself, you need help to get home. Know where your embassy is for each foreign country you travel in. If something major happens, you should check in with them. After all, it would be the first place your family would search for you.

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Medical Support

Even if you don’t have any health conditions today, you never know what might crop up while you’re on vacation. Make sure you’ve got a fair idea where the local hospital is when you’re checked into your hotel or apartment. You might find something like an urgent care center to be a better option, though. A broken bone, a mystery illness, or a deep cut can easily and quickly be treated at a facility like this. Because they’re run by doctors, they might be able to help you replace lost medication too.

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Insurance Support

Travel insurance policies vary wildly. But then again, so do our vacations! You might enjoy an action-packed adventure holiday in the winter but then snooze on the beach for a week in the summer. You must check the small print every time you plan to travel to insure you are covered for everything you plan to do. There are many different levels of cover too. Some will help you get home if you need to depart early. Others won’t offer support to get home even if you’re hospitalized! Make sure you choose the right level of cover for you.

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Visas And Passports

Some countries regularly update their travel restrictions and visa requirements. Stay on top of this. If you’re a whimsical traveler, do this research before you get on the plane! Check there is plenty of time on your passport and that it is still acceptable at all your destinations.

Vaccinations And Prescriptions

Some countries are on a list that warns travelers of health risks. Your doctor can usually offer vaccinations to protect your health in those environments. You might be tempted to take an extra amount of any of your prescription medications with you. Don’t do this without a letter from your doctor that is signed, stamped and verified! Some countries will prosecute you even with these documents, so double check what medicines are and are not allowed. Stay healthy, but stay legal too!


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