I changed my blog name!

For 4 reasons:
1) I found my high school ex reading my blog which I find extremely uncomfortable.. I mean, I’ve worked hard to keep this blog on the D-L! (and no, I won’t be changing my URL everytime I found out someone has stumbled across my blog)
2) I’m getting fed up with a creeper/stalker named “Stacy”. And honestly, if she finds this blog.. well…
3) My blog traffic comes from a lot of spam websites so I want to be able to have an actual representation of my blog visitors
4) As much as I liked my old blog name… it was time to part ways to get rid of people, and also, I felt that the fact that I had ‘sushi’ in my name made it feel like I had to design my blog with sushi related stuff. Exactly, Jess feels much more personal, and, well, exactly!

PS: I do apologize for the spam of Bloglovin updates… πŸ™


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  1. Whimsical Youngster Reply

    Aw, I hate my blog to be followed by someone I know in real life too because I write a lot of personal things on it. It's supposed to be my 'secret, public diary'. Anyways, somebody found my old blog and I got spooked and changed my blog link too. That'll make it harder for the person to find my blog!

    P.S I've been following your blog for sometime and I think it's awesome! Your blog is pretty and I love how personal you are in your blog. I enjoy reading your posts, but I didn't comment because I had to have a discus account :(.

    Keep posting πŸ™‚


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