I got my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. Originally I was supposed to have all four taken out at the same time but my previous dentist told me that the top two is optional – they’re fine and most people take it out to get it over with and it’s “cleaner” too.

I’m not covered by any dental insurance (PT workers don’t get coverage, and my school is a private institute so they don’t offer coverage), and my mom works in a family operated restaurant which doesn’t offer dental coverage either. So, to be lucky and have my top wisdom teeth perfectly fine, we saved about $1,000.

The pain right now is bearable. It’s just really discomforting. My dentist uses a different method to extract the teeth out which is why it’s not as painful as many other claims it to be. My cheeks are just swollen, and I can’t stop touching them for some reason.

Literally, what I’ve had last night and for breakfast.

What happened was, everytime I get sedated (this is my second time), instead of waking up groggy and sleepy, I wake up extremely nauseous and eventually throw up. I think it’s a bad reaction to the drugs (I mean, I’m completely asleep during the surgery but when I wake up, it’s downhill).

So, after the surgery, I slept until my mum came home with a bowl of congee. I didn’t eat much because I still felt like throwing up, but I ate enough to somewhat settle my stomach. By this morning, all the drugs were out of my system so I consumed the entire bowl πŸ™ man, I feel like a fatty.

Does any of you guys get nauseous after being sedated or know someone? How were your wisdom teeth surgery?



  1. I got nauseous after some pain medication while I was in labor. It was awful. πŸ™ Hopefully you get it out of your system quickly!

  2. I really didn't feel anything when I got mine out, also the bottom two at the same time. My face didn't get swollen either, didn't need to take any painkillers at all. After 5 days I was told by the dentist to make a mouth wash with Calendula (Marigold) and use it twice a day to help heal the wound quicker, and it did.

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