You’ve Got A Friend In Me…Until We Embark On Group Travel

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For those of us who enjoy traveling, a big part of the fun comes from the chance to explore solo. Nothing beats embarking on a big journey by yourself. Sure, it gets lonely. But, stripping back your security blankets helps you get the most from each experience. In fact, once you’ve traveled solo a few times, you’ll find it difficult to imagine doing this any other way.

In truth, though, getting caught in the solo travel spiral can cause you to miss out. After all, trips with friends, family, and loved ones can be amazing, too. If you’re used to going it alone, you’ll undoubtedly find you can chill out with others around. You won’t have to watch your pack or make all the plans yourself. This could be like a vacation from your vacations.

But, there’s no getting past the fact that group travel isn’t without its faults. Many a friendship has floundered this way. So, how can you ensure your group travels don’t tear your group apart?

Travel with like-minded people

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For one, you should travel with like-minded people. Before you agree to anything, consider what the group in question are likely to spend their vacation doing. If you’re an avid traveler, but they’re beach bums, you’re going to bang heads. Equally, if you’re keen to experience culture but they don’t leave the hotel, there are going to be arguments. That is, of course, unless they’re okay with you heading out to do different things each day. Either way, you need to make sure you’re all on the same page with this.

Take a test run

An excellent way to test that would be to do a test run before you head anywhere too far away. A close to home break would be the ideal way to ensure you all get along. Even better, this shouldn’t cost too much given that there are a few of you. You could could head into the city for a weekend break at a hotel. Or, you could find extraordinary vacation rentals in Avalon and Stone Harbor NJ if none of you have ever been before. Whatever you choose to do, use this time to judge how an extended vacation could be. If you notice niggles during a short break, it should be an automatic red flag.

Do your own things too

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As mentioned above, going off every day on your own could irritate the rest of the group. This is, after all, a friend’s trip. If you don’t spend any time with your friends, they may start to feel a bit used. And, you’ll miss out on the chance of their company. But, that’s not to say that you need to spend every second in each other’s company. Sometimes, all we need to stay sane in a group setting is a few hours alone. So, don’t be afraid to ask if everyone’s okay with you booking some solo activities. Keep it to one or two, and this shouldn’t be an issue.

Why I Love Solo Travelling

When I tell people that I absolutely love solo-travelling and list some of the places I’ve been alone, I get two reactions:

  1. “Oh my gosh, I love that you travel solo! I can never do it but kudos to you!”
  2. “Oh… why?” *thinks, does she not have any friends or something?*

And in a way, #2 is half right… I don’t have many friends and the friends I do have, don’t travel much or don’t have the same interest in seeing the places I like. 

In April, I have a big trip to Japan with Dan and some of our mutual friends – right now, it’s shaping up as 5 people in total. This Japan trip is my biggest friends trip ever and I’m excited, don’t get me wrong, but I’m craving for another trip that I can do solo.

It’s not that I dislike any of my friends to not travel with them, but solo travelling offers a different experience that group travelling. 

During the times I’ve visited cities alone, I’ve come to realize this:

+ Solo travelling teaches you how to comfortably take selfies in public. 

Umm, you think whipping out my selfie stick was embarrassing? Think again. 

New York City Selfies

One of my solo trips was to NYC in the summer of 2016… yes, one of the busiest and biggest cities in the world and I chose to venture it on my own.

+ Solo travelling allows you to fully be in control of your itinerary.

Long gone are the days when you have to meet up with friends to plan the trip and accommodate to everyone’s interest. Feel like hitting a museum instead of shopping? Go right ahead, girl!

+ Solo travelling teaches you to learn and accept being alone, and that being alone is not a negative thing.

When you got no one but yourself, you can’t help but slowly accept loneliness and when you accept that, you realize you’re not upset… because everyone associates being alone as unhappy and sad, right? Learning to live, accept, and cope with being alone is the best thing to learn for yourself.

+ Solo travelling lets you meet new people and build relationships when travelling.

When you’re travelling with a group of friends, you’re more inclined to just hang out with them and not meet anyone on the trip because why? You got a group of best friends with you already. Being alone allows you to meet new people because if you’re having lunch alone, or relaxing alone in the evening, someone will strike a conversation with you. And, if not – being alone sort of forces you to talk to other people if you want to join in on the fun.

+ Solo travelling pushes you out of your comfort zone.

We’re all so afraid to be alone and do things alone that I bet you skipped out on a movie in theatres because none of your friends wants to catch it. Solo travelling pushes you out of your comfort zone by forcing yourself to do things alone and being alone in crowded spaces. Interested in that walking tour? Well, suck it up and buy your ticket because you got no one else by your side to drag along to!

+ Solo travelling allows you to learn more about yourself.

When you have all this time and opportunity to do what you want, you are bound to learn something new about yourself!

Salem, Massachusetts
My solo trip to Boston!

+ Solo travelling gives you a break from everyone and everything.

I love my friends, I do… but sometimes, you really have to take a break from them. I mean, just because you’re away from home doesn’t necessarily mean you’re taking a break from your friends. Hell, sometimes being on vacations with your friends breaks a friendship!

+ Solo travelling is cheaper. 

It’s cheaper in a sense that you’re not wasting money on activities you don’t want to do, and at restaurants, you don’t want to eat. Fancy a quick grab and go meal instead of sitting down and chatting? Go right away!

+ Solo travelling builds confidence. 

Listen, you don’t have your best friend telling the random guy you’re not interested, nor do you have your best friend asking the sales associate for a different size. Looking after yourself and seeing a new city builds self-confidence because you’re the only one looking out for yourself, and the only one guiding yourself through a new city and different transit systems.

+ Solo travelling is easier and hassle-free. 

It really is. I don’t have to rely on any of my friends to pay me back for whatever they owe me, or how I have to wait for them at the airport or in the morning. It’s just easier because everything is done on your schedule based on your interests, and it’s hassle-free because you have to deal with no one else.

It’s 2018 – I think it’s time to break the stigma and fear of being a solo traveller. I’m itching for my next adventure, and I think my next solo adventure would be Mexico!

Friends Don’t Want to Travel? That’s No Reason to Stay Home…

Travelling is a funny business. On the one hand, everyone wants to do it, but on the other, it’s one of those things that we don’t always get to do as much as we’d like. Sometimes, this is because we can’t take time off work. Sometimes, we just don’t have the money to visit the places we’d like to visit. And at other times, it’s because our friends don’t want to travel with us. But is this last reason really a good enough excuse to stay at home? We say no. Below, we’ll show you how you can see the world, no matter who’s on board.

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Go With Your Family

Yes, you might prefer to tear up a new destination with your friends, but let’s not discount the family. They were there before your friends were, and will likely be there after, too. If you’ve never taken a trip with your loved ones, you might be surprised at just how much fun it can be. You’ll find that you have just as much fun and that you become closer as a unit, too. You might have to alter your destination somewhat – especially if travelling with parents – but you’ll have a good time.

Take Your Best Friend

We can hear you thinking, “take my best friend? I already told you they don’t want to go!” We don’t mean your best human friend; we mean your real best friend, your pet! Take a look at pet friendly beach house rentals, and travel with your pooch. There are few things better than strolling along the beach, going on adventures, and getting lost with your canine buddy by your side. And the best things about dogs? They can always be happy, so you won’t have to contend with the usual travel tantrums that people have.

Find a Mate

Just because your friends don’t want to travel, that doesn’t mean that you can’t go with people. The only thing is, the people might be strangers to you when you first meet. There are websites and forums that connect solo travellers with adventure buddies. Of course, you’ll want to check that they’re nice people and that your personalities are in sync before you set off together, but if everything goes well, you’ll have an amazing time. And you might just make a friend for life at the same time, too.

Travelling Solo

And now, to the last option, which is also one of the best: travel on your own! It’s not as scary as you might think, and can actually make you grow much more as a person than if you always had a friend by your side. You’ll quickly learn that there are good people all across the globe. Go by yourself; few people regret it!

Final Thoughts

While we might all have our ideal travel scenario; cruising along with friends, going wherever the wind takes you, and so on, reality doesn’t always play ball. Be willing to step outside of the comfort zone, and you’ll always be able to see the world.

Adventure Holidays You Have To Try

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2018 is a year which has made many of us turn to the great outdoors as a way of escape and self exploration. Being out in the real world and experiencing everything life has to offer is a great way to feed the senses but to also allow us to forget about the stresses of adult life.

Adventure holidays are becoming more and more popular in recent years because many are focused on their physical health and staying active while away. If you fancy doing something memorable and fun this year, here are a few suggestions for you…

Safari adventure

If you love animals and you want to teach your kids about wildlife, a trip to KwaZulu-Natal on South Africa is the perfect place for you to go.

You will be able to get up close and personal with some of the most stunning creature on Earth and really feel like an adventurer. This is an 11 day tour which is divided between a few different locations including the Big Five Country which consists of lions, elephants, leopards, buffalo and rhino. Animal education. A safari in South Africa usually means Kruger Park. You will even be able to learn about animal tracking and bush skills, and then experience fun activities like,kayaking and mountain biking.

Camping in the Wild West

For all of the cowboy lovers out there, you could get the chance to camp out in the depths of the Wild West and experience what it is really like to sleep under the stars and experience the American sunrise. This tour takes in five different national parks in which you can hike, mountain bike and explore, then you will spend every night camping underneath the stars and even spending a night in a mud hut.

Stunning temples

In Sri Lanka you will be able to visit some of the most stunning world heritage temples in the world during an 11 day tour of this breathtaking country. Sri Lanka is known for beautiful natural landscapes so you will definitely want to bring a camera with you for this.

The tour includes visiting the temples, exploring natural rock formations and visiting leopards at the Yala National Park. To immerse yourself in wildlife, nature and culture, this is the perfect destination.

Natural fireworks

Iceland is the perfect place to view one of the world’s most stunning phenomena in the world. One of those is the northern lights which you will be able to see throughout the winter in this country, and there is also another which is rather spectacular to behold. The land of fire and ice (not be be confused with George.R.R.Martin’s book series) consists of thermal hot springs which boil and form geysers in the middle of an otherwise frozen landscape.

You will be able to see this as well as other geothermal attractions, and you will be taken on guided hikes over mountains and waterfalls. You can see some of the tours available here:

A sporty getaway

If you love sport and getting physical, then a trip to Argentina is the perfect place to let your fun side go wild. There is a ton of culture, great cuisines and fun activities in this country which are perfect for all of the family. You can go rock climbing with, play polo and visit the famous football stadiums in the capital city. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Iguana Falls is the perfect place for a hike.

Have You Completed Disaster Planning For Your Overseas Trip Yet?

Of course, you don’t want disasters to occur when you’re taking a trip overseas; no one does. But that doesn’t mean you can just put the possibility to the back of your mind and ignore the chance of one striking you. Planning is the perfect way to make sure you don’t get hit by disasters, or at least, the perfect way to ensure you know how to deal with them if the worst does happen. Read on to learn more about all this and more.

Print Your Reservation and Call to Confirm

There’s always a chance that the place where you’re looking to stay will not have processed your reservation or something will have gone with the booking. That’s why you should plan in advance by printing your reservation as hard evidence, and it’s also a good idea to call up to ensure that your booking is ready. This should be done a few days before you travel.

Find Out Which Taxi Companies Are Licensed and Which Aren’t

One of the biggest risks you can take when in another country is getting in a taxi that’s not officially licensed. Every country has a licensing system for taxis, and by getting into an unlicensed vehicle, you could be robbed or worse, so it’s important to be careful. Find out before you travel which companies are licensed and which aren’t. It’s a small thing, but it matters.

NYC Taxi Cab
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Know What the Location Healthcare Provisions Are Like

Each location you can travel to has its own medical infrastructure, and it’s worth being aware of the different situations out there. Think about the quality of the local clinics and hospitals should you ever need to use them. Look into the added extras such as international air ambulance services as well. If you’re going to be trekking and doing things like that, these things matter quite a lot.

Get the Right Travel Insurance

Never travel to another country if you haven’t yet put insurance in place. Those medical bills for foreign patients can sometimes be incredibly huge. And you can’t assume that you’ll be fine and you’ll never get sick or injured because you can never be sure of that. Compare quotes and find the level of insurance cover that’s right for you and your travel plans.

Know the Local Laws

It would be a real disaster if you were to end up in a foreign prison. You don’t want to be caught out by a law that you didn’t even know existed, but unfortunately, that’s something that happens a lot to tourists when they’re not careful. Do some reading and find out about any local laws that aren’t laws in your current home country of residence.

There are plenty of things that can go wrong for you when you’re planning a trip overseas. Even if the chances are unlikely, you need to be prepared for any disasters that might arise. If you don’t, you could end up kicking yourself and regretting it big time later on.

Five of the Best Islands for Party Lovers

We all switch off in a different way. Some of us go on holiday with our Kindle and read all day by the pool, while others like mixing with the local and visiting heritage sites. And many go away to make the most out of the party scenes offered by popular travel destinations. From Malaga to Ibiza, people enjoy the laid back atmosphere of vacations, as well as the luxury environment and sunshine all day. Below you will find a list of five islands designed for party animals.

1. Ibiza, San Antonio

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Party Goers have been visiting Ibiza from all over the world for long decades. The party strip of Ibiza Island is Playa d’en Bossa, on the East coast. You can also find some clubs for over-30-s at Santa Eulalia. You can find self-catering apartments, as well as party resorts all over the island. The best DJ-s from all over the world visit Ibiza. Not the cheapest place to have a party, but a great destination for sun and party lovers.

2. Crete, Malia

On the North coast, you will find a great party town aimed at people 18-30. Malia is the party capital of Greece, and you will find it hard to choose from the dozens of nightclubs and entertainment venues. If you are looking for a quiet night, you will also find fantastic bars and restaurants in the Malia strip. Try Candy Club, one of the newest and most modern venues for a night out, or Zoo Bar for daytime entertainment.

3. Malaga

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The main party strip of Malaga is near Puerto Banus, with plenty of pubs and restaurants. You will find plenty of yachts selling night entertainment tickets, and you can party on the water all night if you want to. If you are looking for a quieter getaway, however, you can Find a luxury apartment in Marbella, enjoy live music in one of the bars, and eat out in style. Try Tibo Banus to chill with your friends, and Bar Pub Desvan for a variety of music.

4. Cyprus, Ayia Napa

If you would like to combine a great relaxed day on the sandy beach with great entertainment at night, you will find great clubs in Cyprus. One of the best beaches of Europe are located in the area, and you can find that bars and clubs are full all year round, thanks to the great climate of the island.

5. Tenerife, Playa de las Americas

The most popular beach of Tenerife, Playa Las Americas is great for people who want entertainment at their doorstep. Apart from boutique hotels, there are also plenty of all inclusive resorts with their own entertainment venues and casinos offering a relaxing holiday.

Party animals find plenty of destinations with great climate, world class entertainment, and award winning resorts all year round. Mediterranean and tropical islands offer great climate, relaxing beaches, and a great nightlife for visitors; young and young at heart. Visit one of the above party strips to create memories for a lifetime and enjoy quality shows, music, and service.