Taking Pop Shots And Listening To Country In The ‘Music City’

Nashville is known for so many things. The NFL football team has a huge following, even from people who aren’t born or live in the city. The multicolored waterfront and winding Cumberland River makes for one of the best night scenes in Tennessee. Certain parts look like they belong in Las Vegas because the neons signs of the country music concert halls, cafes, bars and comedy clubs dazzle brightly in the night. Fortune 500 companies like Nissan North America and Bridgestone have their headquarters in the heart of the city’s commercial district. And who could not love a bit of Nashville barbecue and traditional American cuisine? Although on the map Tennessee looks like it’s a typical mid-east state, make no bones about it; it’s firmly a southern state. Just ask the locals a few questions about their city and culture and you’ll never mistake them for being northerners. But of the two things you could do in the city, hiding behind corners and taking pop shots and then listening to some good old-fashioned country music is perhaps the most entertaining.

Beaming into the future

Nashville is a city that knows its love of guns and the 2nd amendment. It comes as no surprise then that there are activities that center around tactics and playing the role of a fighter. But what if you could be beamed to the future? In almost every sci-fi movie, the modern weapons of the day are laser beams that can cut through sheets of metal like a hot knife through butter. Nashtag laser tag brings this imaginary concept to life with weapons that do fire lasers. These aren’t the types that could shoot your arm off, it’s purely a game of two teams trying to either destroy the enemy team or complete a mission full of objectives. The classic modes appear as capture the flag and free for all are the most popular. Then you have other modes like traitor, pair base, resurrection revival and more. Packed in a room, you have to fight for survival and trust your teammates to watch your back at all times. A fun tactical experience that may show you how bad or good you would be in a futuristic battle.

Sweet tones

Nashville has produced some of the most famous country music singers of all time; such as Bob Randall. The Ryman Auditorium has over 3,000 Google reviews and averages out a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. It’s the place that all country music stars from around the state and indeed the nation wants to play in. there are daily tours that you can climb aboard on and see the venue from angles that normal ticket-paying concert-goers just wouldn’t be able to. You may even catch a concert on the same day if you plan it right. It seats around 2,300 people and in the modern age, lots of new country artists appear regularly.

We all hope that we get to see some kind of laser weapon in our lifetime. The best you can do right now is to test your skills with harmless weapons designed for competitive team play instead. Winding down at the end of the day, a nice country music song can play out the night.

How To Make Money With Your Music Online

The advances in technology of recent years mean it’s easier to have a successful business online than ever, and that includes making money from your music. There are many different ways to get your music known, and one that should never be ignored is social media.

Facebook alone has more than 2billion registered users, and that’s without Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and various others. A video of your music on any of these sites could mean you are seen by many thousands of viewers. This is not the only way to get known though. If you want to get enough followers to be able to sell your music or monetize your videos with advertising, you need to be seen by as many users as possible.

Gather Fans

Your most valuable asset will be your fans. This is a big advantage of social media. You can interact with people and as soon as you start to do that, your music will become more personal to them. No amount of marketing can replace a fan/artist relationship.

The digital era has made the distribution of music available to all musicians’, not just those that have been signed by a record label. When you have established a fan base, they will be looking for your music in places like iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and all the other platforms you can download your favorites pieces from, it is even possible to get free soundcloud plays is you know where to look. Putting your music on these platforms will help enormously, as when they want to download a playlist, your music can be part of it. You will earn royalties from these platforms, and although they are not huge amounts, the more downloads there are the more you will earn.

YouTube Videos

More music is streamed from YouTube than any other platform, so putting your music videos on there is vital if you want success. Getting enough viewers and downloads is the secret because then you can charge for adverts in your video. This is always hardest with the first video you upload, but as your music becomes better known, so it becomes easier to get the views and downloads you need to make extra money from advertising.

YouTube make the process of earning money very easy with the use of their user-friendly tool Content ID. This tracks exactly what is happening with your video and apart from giving you statistics, will help you to run the adverts you need.

Be Creative

You need to be creative when it comes to getting your music known. Why should people stop and look at it on Facebook? Will it make them want to find it on iTunes or YouTube? You have used creativity to make the music to start with, now you need to use more to make it stand out so that users of all these platforms not only want it for themselves but share it with their ‘friends and family’. That is the fastest way for your musical talents to become known and for you to start making money from your music online.

Reasons Music is So Good for You (Backed by Science)

You like music, right? Most people, even if they aren’t passionate music fans enjoy listening to a few jams now and again. Well, it turns out that not only is music very pleasing to the ears, but it is actually really good for us too.

Here are a handful of very good reasons to kick out the jams and turn the stereo up now, today, tomorrow and well whenever you get a chance really…

Music Can Soothe Pain

Suffering from aches and pains? According to the Frontiers in Psychology journal, one of the best things you can do to ease your pain a little is top play your favorite songs for at least 10 minutes. When fibromyalgia patients did this, they experienced less pain than when listening to pink noise, and as an added bonus, their mobility improved too. Pretty amazing right?

Music Can Ease Depression

Research has also shown that learning to play an instrument can help to ease the symptoms of depression, probably because it engages the mind and body, creating a state of flow and giving those with depression something to feel good about. So, if you’ve ever wanted to try music classes and you’re feeling a bit blue, you have the perfect excuse. Guitar, drums, violin, what will you play?

Music Can Help You Focus

A study conducted by the Stanford University School of Medicine discovered that listening to baroque music, such as Bach and Vivaldi when studying or preparing for an important presentation, created changes in the brain which helped individuals to improve their attention span, recorded and remember information and ultimately do better. Time to download some cool classical music?

Music Can Improve Your Workouts

Being physically fit is an important part of your wellbeing, so you might want to start taking your mp3 player or streaming your favorite jams on Spotify when you hit the gym. Why? Because one study found that people who exercised while listening to music enjoyed their workouts more and pushed themselves harder, burning more calories in the process.

Music Can Make You Happier

It’s not just playing an instrument that can help you to beat the blues – listening to certain classical pieces, according to the Nature Neuroscience Journal, can release dopamine, giving you a happy boost whenever you need it. Tracks that have this effect include Clair de Lune by Debussy and First Breath After a Coman by Alexander Keats. Once again, classical music saves the day!

Music Can Keep You Calm

Listening to mellow chill-out music when you’re in stressful situations such as a busy office or when you’re stuck in traffic, can calm you down and actually boost your performance according to research. Stressed out? Time to listen to Calm Radio.

Music Can Bring Back Memories

People suffering from dementia and Alzheimers can often benefit from being played the music they loved when they were younger. It can bring them back to the present, soothe, them and enable them to remember things more clearly, at least for a while.

Music is amazing – we all need more of it in our lives!

How The Rave Scene Has Changed

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The rave scene has always been booming, even if people didn’t know about it. Right from around the 1970’s until now, it has always been a massive part of people’s lives. But how have raves changed over the years? Well, it has changed massively. From the people attending, to how they’re run, and how they go wrong. They’re loved by so many all over the world, and has the power to bring a huge crowd together just through music. This article is going to explore how the rave scene has changed for the better of the years.

The Venues

This is a really big thing that has changed over the years. Back when the raving movement first began, the raves were mostly all illegal, and all underground. Underground raves were what defines how they are today. Huge crowds would gather at these secretive locations where the music and drinks and drugs would be flowing until it was either shut down, or the sun came up. That was the excellent thing about raves back in the day. They were not monitored and really anything went. There was no security, so people could relax a lot more and just enjoy the music.

The Music

Due to technology, this is something that has changed rather a lot over the years. New sounds have been created which have really changed the rave scene, a lot would say for the better. When raves first originated, the most popular sound was EDM. It was the fuel people needed to keep going all night with it’s fast paced beats. EDM is still massively popular today, but genres such as house and bassline are now starting to take over in popularity. EDM was what made raves, and more EDM facts can be found here if you’re interested. But the new music that is coming through now is what is going to define the rave scene for years to come. There’s so many more DJ’s out there as well that are world famous. When raves first started DJ’s weren’t really a thing unless you were part of the rave scene. Nowadays DJ’s are known everywhere.

The Drugs

As taboo as this part may be, it is one of the reasons why raves are so huge today. As much as some people might not like to admit it, at festivals and raves drugs are everywhere. Sadly, they have become a lot more dangerous, and so many people each year die due to taking illegal substances at festivals and raves. This is due to drug dealers mixing what they put into the drug in order to try and make more money. When raves first started there was none of this happening. The drugs were pure, and not that many lives were lost. But, festivals and raves are bringing in new things to try and prevent any more deaths. A lot of festivals have tents where you can go and have your drugs tested to make sure there isn’t anything harmful in them.

6 Songs That Describes My Life Right Now

What The Heart Wants – Selena Gomez; “there’s a million reasons why I should give you up, but the heart wants what it wants”

You and I – Lady GaGa; “you taste like whiskey when you kiss me, oh
I’d give anything again to be your baby doll”

Stay With Me – Sam Smith; “this ain’t love, it’s clear to see, but darling, stay with me”

Clean – Taylor Swift; “and by morning gone was any trace of you,
I think I am finally clean”

Remember – Kari Kimmel; “If its all I can take, I’ll remember it all”

Wings – Birdy; “I just wanna be by your side, if these wings could fly”

And bonus:

Paranoid – Jonas Brothers; “I take the necessary steps, just might be paranoid”

I found out my friend has been stalking me on Twitter (and I think reading my blog too). I work hard to keep people away from my social media accounts but he always manages to find them. So, now I’m somewhat paranoid, LOL.

But in all honesty, I’m going back and forth between my heart and mind (as you can probably tell from all the songs).