When You’re Greatly Wronged, It Pays To Be Wise

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When you’re greatly wronged, it pays to be wise. Life isn’t fair. Ask any teenager and they will have likely learned this fact. Fortunately, there are attitudes you can take that make the horror of this fact a little more manageable. It leads to growth and maturity. In fact, this is the blessing of life being unfair. A completely fair and justified world would likely not need for people to maintain inner maturity and build their character, even if the process of doing so might be painful.

Of course, there are many scenarios where this is not an absolute positive, and saying that it is could be considered naive, or at least hurtful. However, that absolutely doesn’t lessen the requirement for us to stay steadfast and moral in the face of sad affairs like this, and become better people as a result.

We can live our lives as well as possible, and be the best and most developed person imaginable. This still doesn’t protect us from being wronged by others. In fact, it’s likely to happen. If not to you, then at least to someone you know. You can let this truly harm you and hurt you for the rest of your life, or you can be wise and look for the most appropriate inner solutions to find.

Here are some tips to help you when someone wrongs you. We hope this helps you find some peace regarding this rather sad subject matter;

Forgive & Forget

Forgiving and forgetting is a wonderful thing to do. While the person you forgive might not deserve that forgiveness in the least, it’s not something which is solely beneficial to them. Holding onto grudges and hatred will only sour and poison you as a person. This is no way to live, and it makes the original offense so unbearable and painful, almost infinitely.

The power to forgive and forget frees you. For example, hating someone is like swallowing poison and hoping the other person’s affected. It doesn’t help you, it only messes with your emotions. When you forgive and forget, you immediately take all the power of the situation. You become the person who resolves it all with a simple decision. You grow infinitely as a result, and you put the matter to rest. It’s amazing how this simple decision can not only help you grow, but completely free all associated feelings of sadness around this event.

This inner maturity unlocks a feeling of growth and allows you to focus on the events that actually do matter in your life. Imagine that a wet film envelops you during the time of an egregious thing happening to you. This film stays with you and stretches over time, with the original source of it staying in the location and place where it once happened. It’s not hard to see how this can feel limiting and binding after some time. When you forgive you tell the situation ‘I am emotionally done with you and I am stronger than you.’ This automatically removes those cobwebs spawning from that memory, and puts you in a much better position to emotionally process it. So, forgiving is more important for your health than anyone else’s. Be sure to exercise it where appropriate.

Defending Yourself

Many people neglect to forgive because it seems that it means you take the teeth out of your defense. This might not be so. You can forgive someone but still seek reparations for the event. This is true in the case of incompetence that has harmed you. For example, you can become injured at your work and forgive your boss for being neglectful and letting this happen personally. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek compensation, because it’s perfectly within your rights to do so.

People often tangle business and emotional matters, and sometimes they are separate. In the case of defending yourself, they absolutely can be. Don’t simply give up because it’s easier if you have been truly wronged, and you are owed something. To do so simply sends the message that this can happen again. While you shouldn’t seek any form of revenge, if you’re in your right to pursue a remedy you should, with the full force of the law behind you.

The first step is finding someone competent to take your case, or at least seek help in organizing the matters surrounding it. The Bronx Workers Comp Lawyers are such a firm that can help you with this, and you can find them here to help you with all manner of wrongful injuries. The second step is to collect the narrative, and to clearly define its accuracy. This helps you articulate what happened to you, and that is the greatest wisdom of all. It also helps you process the event, as it works akin to journalling. When you express a thought and a narrative, you are much less prone to chaotic thoughts and can enact practical solutions to resolve them.

Don’t Go Solo

It can be tempting to experience hardship alone. After all, it might seem that you’re no fun when incessantly complaining about something. However, there’s no need to complain to this degree. Times like these are when you need the people you love around you most to help you through the circumstance. Without it, you’ll find that finding a solution becomes almost impossible.

There are many practical and emotional things to take care of after you have been wronged. This can dull your spirits and somewhat reduce your faith in humanity. This is a tragedy to occur, and leaves you unhappy and relatively dismissive of any future good that might come your way. With social connections around you to help you through these matters, you’ll often find that your recovery comes at an accelerated pace. Other people often keep you in check also, which means if you find yourself falling into bad habits to cope, someone you respect will often check you and ensure you don’t. This might be a friend forcing you to come out for coffee and cake, or to go shopping instead of sitting inside all day and mourning your situation.

Don’t go solo. Friends are too important for that.

With all this in mind, you can be sure that your wise remedy to a situation will be inevitable, and possible to progress with.

Things You Can Do for Yourself that Will Make You Feel Amazing

Do you sometimes struggle with confidence? Do you have day’s when you feel like a failure, or like you are wasting time? Do you sometimes feel like you don’t know what you are doing or like life is just too much? We all do from time to time. When you are working hard, commuting, looking after your home and family and trying to be the best at everything, it’s easy to get stressed or feel burned out. It’s perfectly normal, and the odd bad mood or negative thought it’s anything to worry about. But, when these thoughts and moods start coming more often, you can find yourself struggling with long-term stress and depression, or with low self-esteem.

The key is taking some time out for yourself occasionally. Sometimes, you need to take some time to do something for yourself. Something that will make you feel amazing, boost your mood and improve your self-confidence. Doing this will help you to be a better employee or worker, a better wife or mother, a better friend and a happier person. Feeling good about yourself can help you to get more done, work harder, laugh more and enjoy your life a lot more. So, try to do as many of these things as you can, as often as possible.

Help Someone Else

Sometimes to feel great about yourself the best thing that you can do is help someone else. Not because you have to, or because they really need you but just because you can. This can be small things like helping someone carry shopping or holding a door open. Or much bigger things like working as a volunteer. Even picking up a toy a toddler has dropped in a shop or letting another car out at a busy junction can give you a little happy buzz.

We like to help people, it makes us feel good and useful and reinforces the idea that even when we are busy and stressed out, we’re basically decent people.

Focus on Problem Areas

A lot of us have an area of our lives or something on our bodies that we aren’t happy with. This could be a problem at work, that’s stressing you out or getting you down. Or something about your body that you’ve never been happy with, that knocks your confidence and causes you to worry about being seen. Many of us go along with our lives, ignoring these problems hoping they’ll get better.

Well, sometimes, they might. Some things do work themselves out. But, why wait? Why not look at these problems and do something about them?

If you are having trouble at work, speak to your manager or sit down and have a chat with someone that can help. Facing an issue like this can be scary, especially if there is a chance of confrontation. But, once it’s done, you’ll feel much better. Weight will be lifted from your shoulders, and you’ll sleep much easier. This also applies to other lifestyle and relationship problems. Don’t just put up with them, confront them.

If the problems are more physical in nature, what you choose to do might depend on the problem. If you are worried about hair loss, visit Capillus for help. If you hate your teeth, visit your dentist. For other issues, you may want to speak to a counsellor.

Turn Your Phone Off

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A digital detox and be a great way to feel better. Spending some time away from your phone and other devices can reduce your stress levels, give you a real break and reduce any pressures that you may feel to portray the perfect life on social media.

But, a digital detox can sound scary. If you need your phone for work or to keep in touch with family, you can’t switch off for long periods of time. You can however still take days off. When you are out with family or friends, leave your phone at home. Give the real world and the people in it your full attention, and you might find that you have a lot more fun.


When we’re stressed out or worried we often get much less sleep. We spend our evenings worrying or working and then struggle to switch off. Then, this tiredness increases our stress levels and makes all of our problems seem much bigger and harder to tackle.

Try to relax before bed. Turn your phone off and leave it to charge in another room overnight. Watch a TV show that you enjoy, read a book or take a long, hot bubble bath. Sleeping more will help you to feel better, both physically and emotionally.

Eat Well

Food and drink play an important part in our lives. The right diet helps to keep your body working at its best, looking after important functions. It helps you to maintain a healthy weight and look your best. It keeps your skin, hair and nails healthy and it helps you to get a great night’s sleep. Put simply; the right diet can help you to look and feel great.

This doesn’t mean that you should diet or restrict the things you enjoy. Just that you should balance things. Eat plenty of fruit and veg, drink lots of water and avoid processed foods where you can. You’ll feel fantastic and have a lot more energy just from making a few changes to what you eat and drink. Then, when you do have those naughty treats, you won’t feel guilty, and you’ll enjoy them a lot more.


TRX Fitness

Exercise is equally important to keeping your body and mind working at their best and boosting your energy and confidence levels. Even a 10-minute brisk walk can help, but try to get 30 minutes of cardio exercise every week as well as some strength training.

Practice Gratitude

Sometimes we get trapped in a cycle of negativity. It becomes hard to see anything else. This is why it’s important to practice gratitude. Sit down once a week and write a list of everything in your life that you are happy about and grateful for. This will help you to focus on the positives even when they seem small or hard to find.

Finding Your Flaws & Accepting Them

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Don’t get us wrong, we would like to be flawless as much as the next person. We would love to flaw-free and perfect in every way it is possible to be perfect, not just on Instagram but in real-life too. The problem is, well, it’s highly improbable we’ll actually reach this goal. That’s what makes it such a dangerous aim to have. It’s not possible. It’s not realistic. And, in all honesty, advocating any sort of flaw-hate is actually really damaging because we all have flaws, and that’s something we need to accept, no matter what they may be.

Imperfections, weaknesses, blemishes, anxieties, call them what you will, we all have them. All of us. Yup, even Beyonce. And that’s because nobody is perfect. It’s just a matter of accepting what you maybe don’t like about yourself and setting yourself free from it.

With that in mind, here are some incredible ways you can accept your flaws and live a way happier life as a result.

  1. Be More Specific With Knowing Who You Are

The first thing you need to do when accepting your flaws is hunting them down. You need to figure out what your flaws are, which isn’t as easy as asking yourself who you are. Instead, you should break this question down into smaller ones. Ask yourself who you are when you’re with your friends, or with your family, or when you think about the future and anything else that will help you figure out who you are and what your flaw may be.

  1. Find A Way To Make It Positive

This is tricky, we know that. It’s taking something you may be loathe in your life and making it a massive part of your success story. Not easy. That said, if Taylor Swift can take heartbreak and turn it into an album that empowers millions of people then you can find a way to turn your weakness into a strength. It’s about reframing who you are. It’s about going, “okay, you’re not helping me out at all here Miss Flaw, so I’m going to find a more positive alternative for you.”

  1. It’s Okay To Get Help Too

The problem with flaws, apart from the obvious definition, is that they aren’t born equal. Some are more obvious than others, some are more debilitating than others and others are so overwhelming that you might need help turning them into a strength. That’s okay, though. It could be that your “flaw” is a birthmark; then don’t feel it’s a weakness to get it removed. It could be that you have an addictive personality, in which case it’s okay to learn more from The Arbor Behavioral Healthcare and get their advice. If it’s a part of your body you don’t like, such as flab somewhere, get a PT to help you get fit.  It might be that you are constantly comparing yourself to others, going to a support group where everyone shares and helps and all that is fine too. Basically, what we’re saying is, getting help is sometimes seen as a weakness, but we just want to let you know it isn’t.

  1. Try Being For Something, Not Against

You may not have noticed, but it is so easy to be against stuff, which tends to be bad news because whenever you’re against stuff, you take on the worst aspects of that. Our advice: find something to be for instead. By doing this, you’ll find you’re uplifted and inspired and unified and full of positive energy. What’s more, you can sustain this attitude for way longer too. In short, instead of being against your flaws, try and find a way to be for them by accepting them for what they are.

You Time: It’s Time To Prioritize Yourself For Once

It’s so easy to get swept up in a busy lifestyle these days; with so much pressure on work, career, family life, and everything else that people seem to boast about on social media, it can be a challenge to keep up. By the time you’ve worked out your schedule, you can end up with little to no free time, and your focus and priorities seem to surround everyone else in your life. Taking care of others and ensuring that you’ve made everyone happy is a great quality, and if it means a job promotion or a strong relationship, it’s always going to be a positive aspect to your lifestyle. However, you can only do so much, before you’ll need to take some significant time out to look after yourself. Therefore, scheduling in some serious you time, and soon, is the best way to keep up with all those jobs on your list.

Prioritizing yourself regularly will ensure that your health and wellbeing are in great shape, and you’re able to nurture and look after all those qualities that make you special and unique. Failing to recognize that you need a break and to adjust your focus, can lead to fatigue and stress, which put a strain on your physical and mental health. If you’re unwell, you’ll be out of action far longer than you want to be, and you won’t be able to finish that work presentation, go to that crucial meeting, or ensure that your loved ones are doing okay. So, it’s time to grab a coffee and your laptop (oh, you’re here already; hey), and begin thinking about some of the things you enjoy (or used to), and moving a few things around on your calendar so that you can plan some time off from everyone and everything on a regular basis. The following are some ideas and advice for those who feel like they’re too busy to look after themselves properly and need their energy levels to get a much-needed boost.

A Mini Break

It’s challenging for most people to find the time for a full-blown vacation, and often, they can be time-consuming and stressful to organize. Therefore, try to think small when it comes to getting away somewhere, and divide things up into more manageable chunks, like long weekends, or a few days here and there. Before you book any accommodation, make sure that you’re thinking ahead, and are able to get away more than once in the foreseeable future. You finally have the chance for some proper relaxation and recreation time, so plan ahead, and book it off from work now, even if you’re not sure where you’re heading. The best way to avoid time away from your job is to ensure that you make the most of your weekend time. It can be tempting to lie in bed or catch up with chores on a Saturday. However, before you know it, Sunday’s gone, and your alarm is beeping on Monday morning again. Therefore, make an effort to get in the car, on a train or bus, or even book a flight, and head somewhere fun on Friday night, other than your sofa or to a bar for after work drinks. If there’s a city, town, or some coastline that you’ve always wanted to visit or keep thinking about revisiting; do it! There’s no time like the present.

Traveling solo can seem overwhelming, but you won’t have the pressure of looking after anyone else for a change; only your own needs. If you feel like grabbing a coffee, or you want to visit a dispensary, or you change your mind about pizza last-minute and head for a burger instead; you can do it without question or consideration for anyone but you. Remember that this is some special time out, where being selfish is no bad thing, and you can finally indulge in things at your own pace.The challenge will lie in getting yourself there, and accepting that you deserve a treat and a great time. There’s nothing like exploring somewhere new and unfamiliar to refocus your mind. If you’re too busy choosing which spa to get a facial in, or what show to see; your worries from the office or your home will stay there, ensuring you’re making the most of your getaway and relaxing.

You’ll return home with a weight lifted off your shoulders, some incredible Instagram-worthy pictures, and plenty of pep to get on with the rest of your week. You might fall in love with a particular area or destination, and take loved ones there in the future, but make sure you get to enjoy somewhere on your own first. Treat yourself to a boutique hotel, delicious food (that you don’t have to prepare yourself, or perhaps a spa treatment, while you’re away. There are plenty of great mini break deals online, for one or two nights, or vouchers for an experience, so utilize them and use them on yourself; you deserve it!

Regular Staycations

If you start thinking about your you time as little staycations; you’re more likely to be able to get your head around taking the time out needed, away from all of your other jobs and any distractions. It will help you to retrain your mind to switch off fully, and embrace time spent alone; whether that’s in your home, your local coffee shop, or in a nearby public space like a park. Therefore, it’s always worth booking those moments off from everything. You might need to let your friends, family members, or colleagues know in advance so that you have peace of mind that nobody will be trying to contact or reach you when your phone is switched off (yes, you’re going to need to put down your devices). Write things on your calendar on the refrigerator, and utilize digital reminders so that they can pop up at the right time, and you don’t make any other plans. Now that you’ve grabbed some time for yourself with both hands, the fun bit can be deciding what you’re going to do with it. And, sometimes, doing very little is the best activity for your body and brain, even though it might not come naturally at first.

Schedule in a free morning; you can go and grab your favorite beverage and some brunch, take a stroll around some shops or through a park, or go and see an art exhibition, or something where you can take in new sights and surroundings. It’s about getting out of your usual routine and breaking your week up a little to spend time alone. It doesn’t need to cost much at all; just make sure that your phone is switched off, and you’re able to focus on what you’re doing for yourself. Trying new cafes or restaurants will give you food for thought (pun intended), and you’ll have somewhere to recommend on Monday morning. Taking a long walk or jogging somewhere will keep you fit and help blow out the cobwebs, and heading to a show or gallery to soak up some culture will only enrich your weekend and take care of your well being. So find something you like the look of, and schedule it into your plans; think of it as a date with yourself so that you don’t get stood up, and you’re top priority for a few hours or so.

You can only run so long on empty, so it’s vital that you make time to refuel regularly, and top yourself up with activities, chill out time, and moments that you enjoy, for a happy and healthy life full of energy and fun.

Preparing For The Future: What You Need To Consider

I get it. Right now things are going well. You may have an adoring partner who you love. You may be thriving in your chosen career. You might just be enjoying the here and now, working hard and playing harder. Socialising with friends and family and basically living life to the maximum. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Life is too short, after all. But there is also no harm in thinking about the future and preparing for it as best you can.

You are bound to have ambitions and hopes for the future, are you not? You may want to start a family, progress further in your career, tick of destinations in your bucket list or even retire from work early. Many of these things don’t just happen, and they need an element of planning and preparation to make them your reality. I thought I would discuss some of them with you and hopefully help you to start preparing for your future, however it looks for you.

So you want to start a family

Relationships can be hard work. They need you both to work at it, nurture and communicate with one another. Support one another in all aspects of life and to trust each other. Getting over that honeymoon stage and being in a loving relationship doesn’t happen often, but when it does it can feel like heaven on earth. But then you start to think about he future, and perhaps you even discuss marriage and things like that. But one thing that does need some thought and preparation is if you decide you might want to start a family. For many people, conceiving is something that can be hard to overcome. But not only that you have to think about the financial implication, the place you live, the logistics and your job, even looking into more info on paediatrics and registering for schools down the road. There is much to think about, and why many of these decisions don’t need to be decided upon now, you do need to understand that you are both on the same page when it comes to your future. Do you both want children? Is it part of the life plan? Often with these sorts of things the conversation leads on to the future and you can both then decide when would be a right time for you both.

Moving up the career ladder means you need to own it

Your career might be extremely important to you. It may have taken years of study to get where you are today, or years or hard work and grit working from the bottom to your position right now. Careers are either what you want in life or you don’t. If you live to work then it might be extremely important to you and career progression could be a huge part of how you see yourself in the future. There are many ways that you can prepare yourself in the future when it comes to your career. Perhaps knowing what job you want to do next and taking them time to learn relevant skills or gain necessary qualifications to make it happen. It might be that you have to update your resume, or even move to a different company to get where you need to be. A career move is significant. It can help change your lifestyle, give you more reassurance and clarity in your job, and can boost your confidence. It can certainly be a life changing thing, and if it happens to be something you want and you have the ambition to make it happen, then you are going to succeed.

Buying a property and getting on the ladder

A big ambition for many for the future involves property and getting on the property ladder more specifically. It takes time to save up enough to take that initial leap, and then you have the maintenance and upkeep. Not to mention the monthly commitment of paying back the mortgage. But getting on the property ladder is a great step to take. It is a solid commitment to your future. Property tends to rise in value, especially if you make some significant changes or improvements to the property. The ladder needs to be climbed, so many people do this and move on from each place, slowly building up their profit each and every time they do it. Other people take advantage of the property boom and buy additional ones to the one they live in, purely with the idea of renovating and selling or renting out for a more long term investment. Which ever avenue you decide to go down, property ownership is a great thing for your future. But it does need some thought and preparation now to help you get to where you want to be. In terms of buying a property you do need to be able to afford the commitment each month, have a stable job or business to get the mortgage and have saved up a percentage of the total sale price in terms of a deposit. There are also fees to consider for the legal aspect that you will also need to have upfront.

Saving for your future

Finally, the last thing to consider preparing for when it comes to your future is the money aspect. Saving in terms of the things you want out of life, the things you want to achieve and, of course, saving for the later years in life. Saving can come in all shapes and sizes. You may need to save for your holiday or vacation later this year. You may be saving for a house that we have just explored. You may be saving so that you don’t have to work so long and that you can retire earlier. There are many things you could do in terms of saving, but it needs preparation and planning to make it happen. It might be separate bank accounts to keep totals and savings separate. It might be working out the total and breaking it down into sizeable goals that you can achieve. It might even be just saving little and often. However you decide to do it, make sure you have your future goals at the forefront of your mind.

I hope that this has enlightened you with some of the things you can start thinking about when it comes to preparing for your future.

Staying Healthy Might Not Seem Fun, But It’ll Serve You In The Long-Run

A healthy lifestyle might seem out of reach in the present moment, but anybody can make an improvement to the health of both their body and their mind with a revised approach to their daily life. You’d be surprised by the huge difference that could be made with a few small changes to your overall lifestyle. Sometimes, it’s as simple as cutting out sugary snacks in between meals or walking to town instead of driving. Other times, you might make a massive improvement to your health by quitting an unhealthy habit. The point is that you need to start thinking about the future. Whilst you might not appreciate the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle in the present day, you might regret your choices as you get older. Staying healthy might not seem fun, but it’ll serve you in the long-run. Let’s talk about improvements you could make to your lifestyle.

Devise a long-term dietary plan.

Everybody’s allowed the occasional treat now and then. You don’t have to restrict your diet to the bare essentials in order to stay healthy. In fact, the healthiest diet is one that’s varied and balanced. Nonetheless, moderation is absolutely essential. Perhaps you can “get away” with eating unhealthy food whilst you’re young, but you’ll definitely notice the effects of eating too much junk food as you get older. And it’s not just about avoiding an expanding waistline; it’s about keeping your mind healthy too. Eating nutritious food improves mental health by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. In fact, you might find that it’s easier to avoid temptation if you start eating better food because you’ll be in the right mindset. Make sure that you’re getting a lot of protein in your diet to improve your muscles, calcium to improve your bones, and iron to improve your energy levels.

Find some way to stay physically active.

If you want to stay healthy and ensure that you look after yourself in the long-run then it’s important to find a form of physically active that can become a fixed part of your lifestyle. Perhaps you have a gym membership that you use once every few weeks, but that’s not enough. Instead of working out for 5 hours at the gym and then avoiding the place for the rest of the month, you should find a way of working out little and often; it’s much better for your health. Plus, it’s a much more realistic way to stay healthy in the long-run. You could find 10 minutes to exercise every day by running around the block, for example. Or if you find jogging bogging then you could turn exercise into a fun social event. Perhaps you could start taking dancing or even karate classes with your friends. Turn exercise into something exciting. If you’re going to stick to it in the long-run then it needs to be an enjoyable activity.

The important thing to remember is that the road to a healthier body and mind is gradual. Your exercise routine might not give you instantaneous results (much in the same way as a healthy diet), but that’s because you’re trying to create a permanent routine that’ll make you healthier in the long-run. Of course, you might be struggling to get started in the first place. Perhaps your weight or current health situation is getting in the way of you exercising properly. It can feel like a tough cycle to break. You might want to look into options such as lap band surgery to help you on the road to long-term weight management. It’s very important that you find a way to manage your physical health on a permanent basis. It’s not just about a healthy weight, of course; it’s about maintaining a healthy heart and a healthy mind. There are many benefits to staying physically active.

Put a stop to bad habits.

If you want to be healthy in the long-run then you should put a stop to bad habits. For example, we talked about eating unhealthy earlier. You might not notice the effects of eating too much junk food today, but it could affect your health over the years. And that’s true for all bad habits. Drinking a little bit of wine now and again is fine, but when you can’t limit this occasional treat then it becomes a bad habit that could damage your liver and even your mental state. A long-term healthy lifestyle is all about keeping your body and mind balanced. Treat yourself, but don’t let those treats become excessive habits.

Aim to stay mentally “fit”.

Maintaining your emotional wellbeing is crucial to protecting your overall health in the long-run. Your physical and mental health both rely on one another. We’ve talked about that a lot in the previous points. If you eat and exercise well then this physical improvement to your lifestyle will improve your mental health. Additionally, you’ll notice the physical effects if you improve your mental health. For example, reducing stress can reduce skin problems such as acne and give you a healthy glow. The point is that you should aim to stay mentally “fit” if you want to be healthy in the long-run. Talking with friends and perhaps even therapists could help you to work through your mental issues. And it’ll keep your mind happy if you socialize and laugh with your loved ones.

And there’s a lot you can do to directly improve your mental state too. Obviously, talking with friends or specialists can help you to get to the root of your mental struggles, but you can go further than this. You should check your mood on a regular basis in order to ensure that your mental state is healthy. You can try meditation as a way of soothing your mind if you’re a little anxious. Focusing on the present moment and the simple act of your breathing can help to draw your thoughts away from worries you might be having. Of course, you can also directly improve your mental state by improving your physical health, as we’ve discussed throughout this article. Take this advice on board and you’ll have a healthier mind in the long-run.