Making Some Time For You!

There’s no time like the present to make time for you. The more time we spend rushing around after other people, the less we actually realise how important the time to ourselves is. The constant rush can lead to stress related illnesses, and can even lead to depression. Now, that’s obviously the last thing that you’re going to want. In a world where we always seem so focused on everyone else, it’s time to start focusing on us. Here are some great, and often unique, ways that you can begin focusing on yourself during the day to make you feel 10x better.

Random Relaxation

Random relaxation is something that you definitely need to be squeezing into your day. A day is meant for relaxing, and yet we spend it on our feet, out of the house, or just doing something that we don’t really want to do. So, one random relaxation technique we’re going to get you to try is meditation. Some people struggle to get to grips with it, but as long as you’re in a relaxed state, with no distractions around you, it shouldn’t be hard to master, all you need to do is allow your mind to wander from all of the distractions of the day. Meditation is all about clearing your mind, and learning how to control your thoughts. The more positive thoughts that you have coming in, the better you’re going to be. It might be better if you use guided meditation, and mix in things such as smells from candles, and sounds from guided meditation if you want to get used to the whole process.

Random Distractions

Sometimes if you want to distract yourself, you’re not going to have the time to set up your meditation area, and get into the zone to be able to meditate. You’re going to want something quick, and something you know is going to easily distract you. One things we think you’ll love is gaming. Gaming opens the mind to new possibilities, and is a great form of distraction. One game we know you’ll love as a distraction is Final Fantasy. Journey to Final Fantasy 15 A New Empire and your mind will be transported to another world! A quest related game allows you to become the character you’re playing, and actually feel involved in the game. The more you play, the more you’re going to love it! Gaming is a great, yet quick escape that you might be looking for!

Random Hobbies

Sometimes you just need something a bit random and out of the blue to keep you entertained. One of the things we recommend is something unique such as photography. Anybody can do it, and it allows you to have the freedom to capture anything you want. All you need to do is go on a nice little walk, find some artsy spots, and build up your photography portfolio. As you take more and more, the quality of the shots that you’re able to produce will improve. Nothing will necessarily come of this hobby, but it’s something different to do that will help to get you out of the house.

5 Ways To Get Your Life Back Under Control

Life doesn’t always go to plan. When you’re young and you’re just getting into adulthood, you’ll often have these visions of what your life will look like. However, this is often the most dangerous thing that you could do. Whether you realize it or not, these expectations are just setting you up for failure! So when life doesn’t exactly pan out how you thought it would, you’re left feeling lost! Whether you’re someone that suffers from anxiety or your current situation has allowed for depression to sink in, you will know that you’re not in a good place. But life doesn’t have to be like this. You can get back on track and have things under control. And here’s how you’re going to do that.

  1. Decide What You Want

The first step can seem scary, but you’re going to want to look at it from more of an excited perspective. Because right now, you’re not in the best place. So you need to think about what the best place looks like. Whether that’s to do with your career, your living situation, your family, your friends, your relationship, or anything else, you need to think long and hard. Decide what you want and you will find that you start to feel a little bit better already.

  1. Make A Change

Then, you’re going to want to make sure that you can go after what you want. When it comes to making that happen, you will need to make changes. This can seem scary at first, but it doesn’t have to be. A lot of the time, if you can move away from the people around you, and put a better support network in place, you will be able to make the first step. You may not realize it, but often the people around you are holding you back. So making a change can help you.

  1. Take Action

Next, you need to make sure that you do take action to get what you want. Maybe you were in an accident caused by truck brake maintenance and you want your life back? Then go out there and get it! Maybe you closed in on yourself because of rejection? Then it’s time to realize that you’re exactly where you need to be in life and you’re on the best path. But you need to take action to make the things you decided on in point one to manifest.

  1. Move Forward

You also need to make sure that you can take the steps you need to move forward. And you’ll have to dive in at the deep end to do this. Be brave, make your actions count, and think about the things that you can do to get the job, to move to the new place, or to make the new friends.

  1. Let Go

Finally, you need to let things go. Whatever is holding you back, whatever you’re clinging onto, you need to walk away from it. Don’t let yourself be the reason that you have regrets when you’re older. Remember that life can be whatever you want it to be, you just need to take the leap.

The Dos And Don’ts Of Driving For Work

There are lots of people out there who love the freedom that being able to drive grants them. In fact, some people adore driving so much that they choose to do so for a living. From Uber driver to long-distance deliveries, there are so many different careers that revolve around driving, so car lovers will easily be able to find a job that keeps their passion for driving alive.

If you do decide to go down this route for your career, you just need to remember these following dos and don’ts so that you are always in control when out on the road.

Do Get The Right License For Your Vehicle

Depending on the type of vehicle you will drive for work, you might need to get a special license. For instance, motorcycles and trucks all require a different driver’s license to cars. This is really important, and if you, for instance, show the wrong type of license in the event of crashing a truck or a motorcycle, then you could get into some legal difficulties. Not only that, though, but driving on the wrong license could invalidate your insurance. So, make sure that you get the right license for your vehicle.

Don’t Take An Unroadworthy Vehicle Out

Taking out an unroadworthy vehicle will be dangerous to you and other road users, so this is a big no-no. Even if you don’t know the ins and outs of car mechanics there are still some simple checks that you can carry out to ensure the vehicle is safe to use. For instance, gently checking the brakes lets you know that the brakes pads are in working order. It’s also necessary to check all the lights and to look for any visible defects in the bodywork.

Do Take Regular Breaks

If you are on a long journey, it is really important that you take plenty of regular breaks. Otherwise, you might find that you suffer from exhaustion a lot sooner into the journey than you would have expected. Plus, taking breaks can help you keep your concentration levels up high, which will help you stay alert. Ideally, you should take a break for at least thirty minutes every couple of hours. Alternatively, you might just pull over for five to ten minutes every hour.

Don’t Forget Your Emergency Items

If you drive a car or truck and have space to pack some emergency supplies and items, it is really important that you do. For instance, a high-vis jacket will ensure you are visible if you ever need to get out of the car and wait for emergency services on the side of the highway. It’s also a good idea to have a snow shovel, spare clothes, and plenty of bottled water just in case you get stranded in bad weather.

Once you follow all of the above dos and don’ts, you will find that your daily work in the driver’s seat becomes a lot safer. They’ll also help you progress in your career!

10 Signs That Your Life Would Be Easier With a Lawyer Helping You

Life can be tough without a bit of help now and then. Lawyers can be incredibly useful when they’re needed, but it’s hard to identify the situations in which you would actually call upon one to help you. In this article, we’ll be showing you a couple of the most common signs that show you need a lawyer in your life to help make things smoother and simpler. They might cost money, but they’ll save you a whole lot of hassle and can even perform miracles like rescuing you from bankruptcy.

  1. You’re being pressured after being involved in an accident

If you’ve been in an accident, then you might not be in the best shape to seek legal advice or even contact your insurance company. Sadly, there’s not much you can do in this situation except wait it out and recuperate slowly. However, you might find that someone else’s lawyer might contact you and pressure you into making a decision or asking for information. In this case, it’s a good idea to visit a lawyer and seek protection so that you won’t be harassed by someone else’s lawyers. It’s a great way to protect yourself from pushy legal professionals and will give you peace of mind.

  1. You’re interested in starting up your own business

If you want to start your own business, then your life will be much easier with the help of a lawyer. Legal assistance can help you deal with everything from ensuring that your business isn’t infringing on copyrights to helping you deal with tax laws.

  1. You’re stressed because people are copying your business ideas

And if you’ve taken a step further to actually create your own business, then the next step is the protect it. This is where you’ll want the help of copyright lawyers that can help you protect your business ideas and intellectual property, but you can also hire tax lawyers to give your financial advisor a hand with all of the potential problems you could face regarding your money.

  1. Your family is going through troublesome times that could lead to divorce

Family troubles are never fun to experience, but it’s important to realize that serious family disputes do need family lawyers to settle. Whether it’s a divorce, enforcing a will or even discussing who has the rights to assets you shared, it’s important to get a family lawyer on board to settle those disputes and give you peace of mind.

  1. You’re being sued and you don’t know how to handle it

No one wants to be sued, but it’s crucial that you seek legal representation no matter how big or small the case might be. If you’re being taken to court, then look for a lawyer immediately to help you fight back. If someone else has legal representation, then it can be overwhelming and often intimidating to fight back. Your best bet is to stay quiet and never answer their questions or respond to them unless absolutely necessary. Save your words for when your lawyer is able to help you.

  1. You’re worried that you’ll develop a criminal record

It’s entirely possible to accidentally have a criminal record. Perhaps you were under the influence of alcohol when you were driving and you didn’t realize how much it was affecting your mind, or perhaps you were convicted of a criminal offence in the past and it’s making it hard for you to find a job. Either way, a lawyer can help you settle those past convictions and make it easy for you to live your life.

  1. You’ve been mixed up in a dispute that involves legal representation

If you’re in any kind of dispute where your opposition has legal representation, then the best thing to do is stay quiet until you’re able to find your own lawyer to defend you. If other people are going to sue you or pressure you with legal threats, then you’ll need to fight fire with fire.

  1. You’re tired of being harassed or bullied by someone or a party of people

Whether it’s work harassment or neighbours being a pain, don’t stand for it. Contact a lawyer and see what you can do to get the problem solved. You should never submit yourself to these issues especially if you can do something about it. No one should have to suffer discrimination or constant headaches due to the people around them.

  1. You want to write a will to leave behind

Even if you’re healthy and have plenty of years left in you, it’s never a bad idea to prepare your will earlier in life to ensure that you have all of the legal commitments dealt with. This includes finding someone to act as the executor and deciding who will get what from your wealth and assets. Writing a will isn’t just a case of writing down something on a sheet of paper–it has to be legally binding as well!

  1. You’re suffering from financial problems that are difficult to cope with

Be it bankruptcy or difficulty paying back your credit card bills, legal advice can often help you analyze your financial situation and give you the right advice to help you get back on your feet. It might sound counterintuitive to hire an expensive service to help you out of a money problem, but it’s more useful than you think and could help you in the long run.

These are all signs that you need legal assistance. If you notice any of these situations happening to you, then make sure you contact the right lawyer to help you. Remember that all lawyers specialize in different fields and it’s important that you pick the right type of lawyer to give you a hand. Even though hiring a lawyer might be expensive, there are plenty of ways to lower the costs of hiring a lawyer and in some cases, you may not even need to pay your lawyer depending on the compensation you’ll get.

Do You Deal With Diversity In Your Home School?

Diversity is, rightly, a word on most of our lips In a world where understanding and acceptance are getting further out of reach, those of us with open hearts and minds are doing everything we can to bring diversity to the fore.

But, as a homeschooling parent, this issue might affect you in a way you never considered. Any parent knows that children are open and accepting. Rather than judging someone for the color of their skin, a child is likely not to see a difference at all. At least, they won’t if they come across plenty of difference while they’re young enough not to care. And, in regular schooling, that’s rarely an issue. Inner-city schools often teach a host of diverse kids. And, when a child grows up surrounded by this, diversity is a given, not an effort.

But, with homeschooling, you may risk taking a step away from diverse representation. And, if kids reach a certain age without so much as seeing a culture different to their own, there could be trouble later. With that in mind, you might want to consider introducing diversity into your homeschool. And, we’re going to look at a few of the ways you can do it.

Consider your teaching materials

Why Learning Should Be A Lifelong Venture

It should come as no surprise that we live in a white society. While many are campaigning for change, a shocking amount of actors are white. On top of which, many of the illustrations or pictures within books make the same mistake. But, there are some fantastic exercise books with a diverse range of models and pictures. And, the same goes for any educational video content you use. If you haven’t already, consider how many white faces appear in your teaching content. If the number is high, consider branching into more diverse representation here. It may seem like a small thing, but seeing a mix of races on a daily basis is essential to set your child in the right direction.

Take teaching on the road

Taking your homeschooling out and about sometimes is essential. In the same way that schools have field trips, you should embrace learning on the road. And, this option also has the benefit of being fantastic for diversity. The simple act of encountering various cultures in the street could do your child the world of good. It you want to take things even further, consider that some schools even embark on Krakow school trips and other overseas excursions. It’s hard to imagine anything better for introducing different people and cultures.

Embark on joint classes

Bear in mind, too, that every homeschool family encounters this problem. As such, there may be plenty of parents willing to collaborate with you. Just one joint class a week with a child from a different background could be enough to break the taboo here. And, this will bring diversity benefits for the other child, too. So, don’t be afraid to approach parents in your church and community with a proposition like this.

6 Ways You’re Making Your Body Older (And You Didn’t Even Know It)

Walk down any high street today and you’ll see a deluge of testaments to youth and beauty. You’ll see them on the sides of buses, on billboards twenty feet high and in every store window you happen to walk past. We live in a society that’s unhealthily obsessed with youth to the point where we’re getting more and more paranoid about aging from a younger age. We’re getting botox in our twenties and spending a fortune on skin treatments and anti wrinkle creams to keep those evil signs of aging at bay. While, of course you’re feel free to grow old as disgracefully as we want to, it’s another testament to our image obsessed society that we’re far more concerned with what’s going on at the surface level than what’s going on “under the hood”. The very same people who we see making appointments at the botox clinic and standing in line at the cosmetics counter are also picking up their purchases and walking straight into McDonalds for a Big Mac, large fries and a soda; little knowing that all that saturated fat, sugar and sodium are doing so much damage to their bodies, that even if they happened to pick up the most potent anti-wrinkle cream in the world (which they probably haven’t) there’s little chance that it can mitigate the effects of such disastrous food choices.

While this may be an extreme example, the fact is that the modern lifestyle is not conducive to us helping ourselves to age healthily and at a reasonable rate. Indeed, our over reliance on convenience foods, misguided practices in our exercise routines and even spending hours and hours at a desk can cause us to age prematurely. Here are some ways in which most of us are making our bodies older and we don’t even know it…

You’re drinking too much coffee and not enough water

Does your day start with a hot coffee, followed by a latte on the way to work and a few more espresso shots here and there to get you through the day followed by a relaxing glass of wine after work and maybe one or two more with dinner? While the idea that coffee’s diuretic properties actually dehydrate you has been debunked fairly recently, there are still some experts who maintain that it dulls and dehydrates the skin, making you look older. There’s one thing for sure, though, all that caffeine is bound to interfere with your sleeping which isn’t going to be doing your body any favors (more on that later). Your body is composed of trillions of cells and they all need plenty of water to function optimally. Not tea. Not coffee. Not milk, and certainly not soda… water!

One of the biggest obstacles to getting enough water is that we struggle to keep track of how much we consume. A good rule of thumb is to take your weight in pounds, divide it by two and convert it into ounces. That’s what you should be drinking.

All that partying is going to catch up with you

Sure, your younger years are all about having fun, but if you’re burning the candle at both ends, working all day and partying all night, you can’t expect it not to catch up with you. No matter how rigorous your skincare routine maybe, you can’t expect to enjoy young, healthy and glowing skin if you’re drinking alcohol regularly. Alcohol not only dehydrates the skin, it also slows your metabolism, increasing your chance of getting “middle aged spread” before your time. That’s to say nothing of the damage that it can do to your liver which is pretty important for filtering toxins out of your bloodstream and generally keeping you alive.

You’re relying on convenience foods

In an era where we’re working longer hours than ever to make up for our stagnating pay just so that we can live, it’s no surprise that we have become reliant on cheap and easy ready meals and convenience foods. Yet, while it may be tricky to find the time to cook nutritious home meals loaded with nutrient rich veggies and fruits, you owe it to your body to at least try.

Many ready meals and convenience foods contain processed meats which are not only high in moisture draining sodium, they’re also type 1 carcinogens (that’s the same category as cigarettes). They’re also likely to be filled with hidden sugars which not only make you gain weight, they initiate a process that breaks down collagen (which is essential for plump and youthful looking skin). It’s also a major cause of tooth decay and discoloration which can make us appear older.

You’re sitting waaaay too much

It’s a sad fact that many of us wake up, sit in the car to get to work, spend 8-12 hours sitting at a desk and then go home to spend a few more hours sitting in front of the TV before bed. The trouble is that all that sitting is wreaking havoc with our health and aging us prematurely. Sitting puts a lot of pressure on our vital organs and play merry Hell with our posture which can lead to a range of health problems from digestive issues to increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. Moreover, studies show that sitting for the majority of the waking day causes our chromosomes to deteriorate much faster, resulting in premature ageing.

Your exercise routine is lopsided

Lots of women want the kind of slim and youthful figures we see plastered on billboards, just as many men want the kinds of buff bods they see on Hollywood action heroes. Unfortunately these gender normative influences can lead us to lopsided workout routines, with men pounding weights at the expense of our cardiovascular health while women work away on the treadmill without doing the strength training that will help prevent premature aging.

Strength training increases bone density and helps delay the deterioration of muscle tissue that comes with the aging process. It also reduces the risk of arthritis, which we tend to associate with old age, although it can affect us at any age (it currently affects around 300,000 children in the US alone). You should lift weights 2-3 times a week as well as using high intensity cardio to burn fat for a slim and youthful body. Strengthening the muscle tissue surrounding joints means that less stress is placed on them, reducing the wear on cartilage and connective tissue that can lead to arthritis. If you already suffer from arthritis or joint pain be sure to use a compression sleeve for arthritis to reduce the stress on your joints. In fact, everyone should be taking some steps to prevent wear on their joints at the gym, as poor mobility is one of the key signs of aging.

You’re not getting enough sleep

Finally, it’s important to take steps to help yourself to get enough sleep at night. Failing to get your daily quota of sleep supports the hormone balances that are essential in preventing the cell decay that leads to premature aging.